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  1. I just noticed something with the MOD. There are two texture folders, but one is called textures and the other texture. They both have different contents in them. This is the first time i have seen this in a MOD. Not that it is a problem, just thought it was out of the ordinary and I hought i would ask about it.
  2. I enabled the missions for use in multiplayer COOP and will test them tonight with some squad members. I'll report back and let you know how it went. Interested in getting the MP compatable files?
  3. Tactical Gamer 3.0 has a few missions on Frostbite maps if I'm not mistaken. But for some reason I can't find the download link for the MOD here. You might have to do some searching over at TacticalGamer.com to find out where to DL it. TacticalGamer 3.0 has some great missions in it (well over 20)... worth the download IMO.
  4. **Vir2L edit* well i might as well edit the edit...... cause you edited the point out of my post. Moderator Edit
  5. The PS2 version od Ghost Recon 2 seems to be a remake of single player FPS of the late 90's. Watered down arcade gameplay. I'd sell my PS2 (if i had one) and buy an x-box. I dont even understand how the PS2 version could even be called a sequel to the [Ghost Recon]. Its not even close to the same game. The lack of options (linear missions, no view change, no 1v1 multiplayer non interent, etc) just makes it feel cheap. Allthough i am a die hard Ghost Recon player (on a computer, no console), so i may be a bit biased, but i wouldnt pay money for the GR2 version on PS2, infact i encouraged my buddy to yake it back to the store get his money back.
  6. I'm not getting any CTD's, i have been beta testing it with a few buddies on the Macintosh without any real issues, though when i open my ike.log i get errors similar to this one here... Loading map \mods\origmiss\map\m13_airbase\m13_airbase.map RSFILEDATA: FindFile could not find file .rsb Cannot read .rsb SimGun: Gun node Weapon 654 has no camera offset helper point. RSFILEDATA: FindFile could not find file strobeflash01.rsb Cannot read strobeflash01.rsb RSFILEDATA: FindFile could not find file strobeflash02.rsb Cannot read strobeflash02.rsb RSFILEDATA: FindFile could not find file strobeflash03.rsb Cannot read strobeflash03.rsb RSFILEDATA: FindFile could not find file drumsd0.anm RSFILEDATA: FindFile could not find file drumsd0.anm RSFILEDATA: FindFile could not find file drumsd0.anm RSFILEDATA: FindFile could not find file drumsd0.anm RSFILEDATA: FindFile could not find file sandbags2d0.anm RSFILEDATA: FindFile could not find file .rsb Cannot read .rsb ______________________ like i said its not a real problem becasue the missions work fine besides that, and they are kick ass might i mention, just wondering if you knew these errors were happening. other than that the coonversion to mac wasnt to difficult, i had to fix a few long file names and convert the wav files to aiff, but other than that...... ....... Seems to be working so far.
  7. Sorry for coming off like a jerk blakarion, but please understand my frustration on that matter, its an uphill battle constantly. The mac freindly version of packaging the mods is posted in a sticky at the top of this General Mod Topics forum. To Modders on Packaging Mods Other than that..... I've got the mod converted for Mac but am waiting on your call on fixing the sandbag animations. I too saw my ike.log full of the same errors and i was only testing them in MP COOP mode. Tho, All the missions start-up on my end..... but i'll wait to see if you patch it before i release an old version.
  8. I'm saving myself some room on the hard drive for this one. **crosses fingers in hopes it not to hard to conert for Mac Compatability.**
  9. That is a question you must ask yourself..... what are you doing this for.... yourself or the communities approval? (Don't take that the wrong way.) I feel you on your dilema, i've had similar dilemas throughout my life with music and such, but what it comes down to is.... who you are and why you are doing what you do. A reason i dont see this as such a "must have mod" is because there isn't enough content to imerse one's self in. If you look at all these other "must have" mods, they have alot of elements that make them "must have", not necasarily just one element, it might be a combination of.... the skins, the missions, the gametypes, the weaponry, the realism, the replayability, etc. My take on it is.... I really do like your mod, but it doesnt have enough missions to keep me playing it. I can only play one mission a few times before i have to put it away and dig it up in a few months. Don't get me wrong, your mission has alot more depth than most scripts out nowadays, but the lack of other content in the mod keeps the replayability factor down. Hence, not active in my mod directory often. If you do plan on adding some more missions, i will be playing them. But, who knows if adding these things will make your mod "must have", but you'll never know if you don't try.
  10. i see its packaged in a zip but is an .exe incompatable for mac users. whats the point of zipping it if its .exe? We'll find a way to convert it........ *rant* But just so you know us mac users have to do this everytime you PC folks package your mods in an exe. In general, i always wondered why mods need to be in an installer... just put the darn mod in your mod folder, duh. *end rant*
  11. Check their forums where the download is available, the info is there.
  12. Thanks for the tip on the .rsb removal, thast helpful. Like i said i cant stnd players yelling CHECK MAP, or TANGOS ON MAP, but there are some missions that seeing where the friendlies are is vital, becasue of random elements in-mission. But i do like how it makes players use teamwork. I have been using grid overlays for quite some time, i think they are a necesity for tactical gameplay. I don't mind the size, i have 3meg connection, but a few people I know are still on 56k, and a few others are so spoiled with serverside missions that they are stuck on that mantality, big mods are pointless. (i dunno *shrug*) I'm with you on the whole emersion factor, sound is my thing. BTW - for any mac gamers out there that would like to play it, i have converted it (sound conversion) and uploaded it to a server /missions/OpTakeBack.sit]HERE, or you can find it at MacGamingMods.com in the Ghost Recon section.
  13. Played this a few times...... Its like its own little world of a mission, me likey. A few things i dislike are........ the command map tangos are overridden, even if i would like it to use the Alpha Squad MOD with higher priority. If i use this mod on other missions where players need the information of friendly units on the map, it would be impossible to locate them cause they wont show up. Dont get me wrong, i actually like the people arent yelling out vague information about "CHECK MAP". Your idea does help players try to give out more accurate information. I just dont know if his option should be forced onto players. Some people complaiined of the downloading being to big for 1 mission, but i told them its worth it. Other than that i think the mission is great, and would love to see the other authors finish their missions as well, so this mod gets more play.
  14. i believe the proofs are in one of the computers upstairs in the mansion
  15. There is more to stealth than just SD weapons. Infact most of the Stealth missions will still punish you, even if you shoot a round with an SD weapon. Most of the time Stealth = Not being seen or heard Alot of people think stealth = silent kills but that's not the case in most of Alpha's missions
  16. If you are refering to me, I'm not complaining. And infact am "chilling out". Kurtz stated something I didnt agree with so I made it clear that he was infact wrong about what he stated. People do want the "said feature" he said nobody wants. I have no complaints, just am asking for a more challenging sniping aspect. I know it probably wont happen, but i can always post my opinion on what i think is more a more realistic approach to the game. Is that wrong? Is that complaining? .... and i dont agree about what you said about having to shoot infront of the target in GR. If you are low pinging on a server this just is not the case. You can be right on the target while he is running full steam and take him out. Maybe on a server where you are pingin over 150 you have to lead your shot, but not on a LAN server or if you're pingin' less than 30, or less than 100 for that matter.
  17. i can test, but i am on a MAC and you will need to repackage the MOD into a compatable format. If you are interested, let me know.
  18. You must not of read mine or Jammos post than, these features are wanted. I dont think they have struck the correct balance with tthe current ret bloom and contraction. I think there should be more skill involved, period. well said.
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