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  1. Ok, I'm hoping they know its gonna take more than just changing the audio format to AIF. And if they do I'm wondering why they put in long-file-names that aren't mac compatable. Anyhow, just a heads-up. I'll hold off on our conversion until I get word, I guess. No sense in doing the work for no reason. =D They are more than welcome to check my conversion note page to view the problems I saw in the mod for mac compatability here.
  2. Just so the development team knows, we at MacGamingMods.com have took on the task of converting YOTM to a mac freindly format, and make it available for mac players to download on our website. We'll update you on this thread when we are done. It shouldn't take to long, we've only found a few files that will cause errors on a mac. You can view our conversion notes here.
  3. Vir2L

    A Video (not gr:aw)

    He was on a PC, so I guess we could argue that PC gamers are out of their minds as well.
  4. Here's a link to a pack of the command maps. You'll need Stuffit Expander to open the package.
  5. hehe, i like the SS of GR.net you put on the laptop.
  6. Great looking map! It did require some small tweaks in order for the tree textures to come up properly on a Mac, but fortunately ingeloop fixed that. I'm uploading the Mac friendly version of the mod to MacGamingMods.com. It will be live by tomorrow morning.
  7. Respawns kill the flow of the game, IMO. Having no spawns promotes teamwork. Play the "SIM" as it was intended, no spawns, one life. Spawns just turn the game into another run n gun shoot em up, on the market.
  8. There are a bunch of Mac players out here. We have a few sites that are dedicted to making games/mods work on the mac, come by and check us out. www.MacGamingMods.com www.Macologist.org
  9. Sorry if this comes off a bit harsh...... For the hundredth time, Please keep Mac players in mind when packaging your mods. Exe's are NOT compatable with Macintosh. We are unable to play your mods unless someone converts it to a mac friendly format. Here's an article on GR.net: http://www.ghostrecon.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=14943 It's a never ending battle, it seems we are always forgotten. And that's is just the tip of the iceberg. Once we get your mod in a mac friendly format, we than have to go thru your entire mod and find all the file-names over 31 characters(and where they are referenced), which Sixpence is known for in all of his mods. As you can see, it becomes a PITA. Again sorry for sounding like a whiny baby, but it's frustrating.
  10. You expect everyone to agree? That is delusional. =P In general, if everyone wanted the same thing, life sure would be boring. Different strokes for different folks.
  11. I hate to be a pain in the ass, but why don't you either look in the README file or do some research here on GR.net? Not that difficult... really.
  12. And Alpha even removed them from their recent update of the mod because some of the missions would never end, etc becasue of errors in the scripts.. They still have them on their server as serverside missions tho. I'm not positive on their version number tho.
  13. Sounds like a great idea. I'd host the mod on my server for our squad. Nice one.
  14. I've had the same problem when having the Band Of Brothers MOD installed. The game just won't start up when it's activated. An easy fix, instead of re-installing the entire game, is to remove the Band of Brothers MOD from your MOD directory.
  15. I've allready got my squad practicing for this one. Can't wait for the 1st mission jitters. That is..... if we even make the tourney team roster. It fills up real quick like.
  16. Not a problem, once I get the mod I'll get it up there ASAP.
  17. Yes please zip the mod folder for the mac users. We can't run .exe's. We can host it on www.MacGamingMods.com as well.
  18. That's my take too. I'm not one to judge a game by the looks, its all about the depth and feel that keep me interested. If the gameplay feels cheesy, kinda like RvS feels when playing, it won't stay on my computer long.
  19. I probably wouldn't be still be playing the [Ghost Recon] (on my macintosh) if it weren't for the mods. Maybe it's just me. Probably not. heh.
  20. And Mac users can download the Mac friendly version HERE (www.MacGamingMods.com). Some of the mission names were longer than 31 characters, in which Ghost Recon will not boot on a Mac if there are files that long. A little shortening/renaming fixed the issue, and they are good to go. Thanks again PS cru. Great bunch of tough missions!
  21. These are great missions! Thanks for sharing them with the community. There is no such thing as too many serversides. muahahahah. Thanks!
  22. That was me, and obviously you didn't understand the point of my post. The things I listed that I wanted in GR3 were general concepts/elements of what GR1 had, I don't want a duplicate. Don't twist my words. If they make a good game, I will buy it, even if it doesnt include all the things I want. If it's a good game, it's a good game. If it sucks, I won't buy it. It is infact just a game, and IMO, I don't think UBI owes us. It is their product, unfortunatly, and they can do whatever they want with it. I just listed my opinion of what I thought made GR1 such a success. Take it with a grain of salt.
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