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  1. If this happens, SOG (or a sister squad) will have a team locked, cocked, and ready to rock.
  2. Trust me ######_MUNCH, I mean a spammer, nobody here gives you any respect for your "mods". And no one is looking forward to your newbie 900 round pistol. If infact you did "own", your kill rate wouldn't be 32-28, or whatever it was. lol. You suck bro, and you're lame little clan does too. You are the peon in real life, that's why you make these newbie "mods". No real gamer gives you any respect, and never will, with your attitude. You have alot to learn.
  3. The mac community will hold the fort if all the PC players goto GR:AW. You'll always have our support. =]
  4. Where have you been? That is how forums have been for years. The positive folks don't take the time to post because they are playing, the people who see a problem voice their opinions on forums. The negative always have, and probably always will be, the majority of posts on the internet. I have known this for at least 10 years, thru admining websites and forums. It's nothing new, especially when their are passionate people in "said community".
  5. I'm fairly certain I read somewhere in these forums that Bo is gonna be there.
  6. There have been many other threads that have come off far more hostile. We are only telling them how we feel. Nothing more, nothing less. Take it for what it is. It's been stated many times... we like the look of GR:AW, but some of the core elements that made Ghost Recon what it was were simply either overlooked or forgotten. We would like to voice our opinions on what we think was overlooked. No harm, no foul.
  7. I second (third, fourth, fifth, sixth, whatever, etc.) the motion. I don't even get to play this game, cause I'm on a Mac, but I to agree that it seems that the devs (or UBI) don't really know how hardcore some of us ARE about our COOP. To expand on what Alpha Squad has done for our community, they have hosted COOP tourney's for three years. Everytime they fill ALL the slots for teams to play. That's around 30 teams of at least 9 players that are hardcore for COOP, and remember that's not even all the teams that want to play in their tourney's, there's just not enough room, time, or Alpha members to handle it. I was thinking about buying a PC just to play this game (and a few other games that don't see the light of day on Mac), but like many others I'm gonna hold off till I actually see the potential of it being as immersive as Ghost Recon Classic provides, and right now I just don't see it. I too would like to see the current GR:AW motto change from " The only way you can play it" to "The way its Meant to be Played". BTW - I agree with pretty much everyone (in this thread) likes and dislikes. There are some major issues that need to be looked at if they want us to move on from the Original. I also recommend the devs try a game of Ghost Recon Classic on Alpha Squads server and see what we are talking about. Open our eyes, and the rest will follow.
  8. Read the other countless posts on the same subject, it has come up several times. The search feature is your friend.
  9. Right on, I will be on the lookout for it.
  10. You scared me for a second, than I busted out my bifocals and all was good. Keep up the good work!
  11. We at MacGamingMods.com can test your mod and convert it (if need be) to a mac friendly format, no problem. We can either do it after you release the mod to the public, or before so you can do a simultaneous release. It's up to you. We can also have the mac version available for download at MacGamingMods.com. Let me know.
  12. I agree with NYR and Rocky..... Keep the Team Leader alive should be a gametype, and duplicate the PL system that's implemented in GR1 where you can vote who you want to be the leader in the briefing menu (if GR:AW has one, i don't know cause I'm on a mac). My main concern about the host being the leader is the host has alot more data flowing to all the players on their server, not to mention all the data just from playing the game. Why force the player that is using all his computer resources to be the most important member on the team?
  13. The only problem I see with a spectator mode after you die is giving out intel to your alive teamates on coms. Remember..... Dead people can't talk, nor should they be able to see. Granted I would like to see how my mates do after I die, but that can always lead to ghosting/cheating. I'm hoping there will be a server setting that can be adjusted for no spectator as well as spectator modes like there is in RvS. The more options the better, IMO.
  14. Mods are the only thing that keeps me playing this game. I'm a gamer that needs variety to keep any interest. When I get a little bored with GR, I play other games, but always find myself coming back. There just isn't any other game out there that has the replayability that GR has. Period.
  15. Don't mean to burst your bubble, but DA49 is a mod made up of stolen content from other mod authors. You won't find too many fans of that mod around these parts, infact you'll find quite the opposite. If I'm not mistaken YOTM even does a little searching of your mod folder for those types of mods (with stolen content), and leaves them in a mess, to say the least. My .02¢, don't support mods that steal content.
  16. We've got it up and available for download at MacGamingMods.com. /tc/armenia.sitx]Armenia SCARed - Mac Friendly version
  17. Ya, make a CHR of a US boat crew officer with a big jaw. Then, during the river insertion cinematic, he comes up to you and says, "Hey, wanna see my 3 Purple Hearts?" Do-able? ← LMAO
  18. Great news, allready jonesing for some new missions. Yar matey!
  19. We've got the Mac friendly version of YOTM on www.MacGamingMods.com !!! You can go directly to the download page /tc/YOTM.sitx]here. Enjoy! Fantastic mod! Now, time to get back to the SP campaign! Loving the stealth aspect.
  20. Not a major issue, just thought I would give a heads up. After playing mission 11, I'm getting an errror in my ike.log: RSFILEDATA: FindFile could not find file demoshortsleeve1_cuba.chr There is no file that matches that in the mod. There is a file named demoshortsleeve1.chr in the mod. Are there bad references somewhere that are looking for the wrong file name? **edit After further investigating, I found 45 occurances where demoshortsleeve1_cuba.chr is being referenced, in .atr files, yet no file found by that name exists.
  21. FYI to the dev team. We are almost done converting the mod to a mac friendly format. All that is left is fixing some of the .rsb textures that are showing up as rainbows on our side, and it should be done. I'm guessing we'll be complete by Wednesday, March 8th.
  22. is 12 hours to short of a time frame to expect a reply? we want the mod on Mac more than you.
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