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  1. http://www.dafont.com/theme.php?cat=205 theres more there too
  2. This is what I can across, the bottom one isn't too bad, the top one however is terrible imo. but if you want either let me know and Ill hook you up.
  3. Could be tricky, they have a diffrent alphabit then we do.
  4. I love Europe as a setting aswell, but what really gets me is Mexico does have a very diverse landscape with lots of potential for some really great out door maps, but Ubisoft never bothered to explore these ares in either Graw 1 or 2.
  5. Here a couple of flags I did, accually it is the same flag with a colour variation, as an experiment in working with cloth in 3D, as well as rendering diffrent passes out. Done in Cinema 4D
  6. Inspired by PZ, here are a few of my more traditional drawings. These are done with charcoal. You will notice that all the images containe an unfinished region to them, that is a style I do my portriates in. You will have to forgive the quality, I had to photograph them with my digital, as they are way to big for my scanner.
  7. People do it all the time with only path drawing, ie: Vector art. People make a living out of it in the design industry. Vector art is the stronest feature in adobe illustrator. Looks good PZ, I will post some of mine when I get a second.
  8. Hey, I gave them a good listen and I liked them all. Im nto an expert on this kind of music by any means, so when approaching something like this, I ask my self would I use it in the work I do? (motion design) And the answer was yes. I definatly think you've got some talent. One thing I would comment on is across the 4 tracks, they seemed pretty simular at times, a little diversity between tracks, and in individual tracks, would make them a little more intresteing. Definatly post some more sometime!
  9. This is my favorite freelance designer out there. And many many people would agree, one of the best. He does all his work in 3Ds Max, with the help of a few other programs. I recommend watching just about every video hes got posted. www.renascent.nl
  10. Here is a image I did as an experiment with texture, trying to create a certian look and feel. I definatly achieved what I was trying to do, and learned a lot in the process. Work done in Cinema 4D release 10.
  11. Here is another signature I made, this was done rather quickly, I made this for a member over a blackfoot forums, he was sporting a lovly MS paint signature.
  12. I'm downloading them now, I'll elt you know what I think after I give them a good listen.
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