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  1. anyone have or know of tweaks for lower end machines?
  2. i havent read anything about itor even attempting it, but before i waste my time to find out its not possible i figured i would ask first. is it possible to install the demo file to run a dedicated server?
  3. that should read, "if you build it THE RIGHT WAY, they will come"
  4. any official word on dedicated server files for the full release ?
  5. can anyone fill me in on this? what are the min and recommended specs to run this game
  6. whats everyone using now a days to play GR1 on multiplayer? ubi or something else?
  7. i want to start looking for some good servers to join what do you use to find them?
  8. Im having difficult running a GRAW server and a BF2 server. when the graw server is running the BF2 server locks up on launch. is this issue gonna be addressed on why the GRAW server uses alot of resources?
  9. is it just easy enough to copy all th files from the install? anyone have instructions on doing so? TIA
  10. my opinion on how GRAW should of been: is able to be played on the average machine and no need for a uber top dollar pc, to play this game.
  11. Just wanted to know if the CD is still needed to launch a server, even with all these patches?
  12. not only the current game play issues are a big factor, i think also becuase some people dont have the uber PC's to run GRAW at a descent FPS. If they would of only made it more "playable" then trying to be "state of the art" they alot more people would be playing it. as for the cheats, if there isnt a anticheat for this, this game is sure to die fast as R6 lockdown did, that game didnt even make it past 2 weeks from retail sale.
  13. it wasnt good. thats all im gonna say, im not here to bash any sort of AC but accountable wasnt good. If it did make it big to catch cheats in RVS it would be been bypassed in minutes. the closest AC in RVS to stop all cheats was the feed piranhas AC. it too was bypassed, but it stopped the cheats the punkbuster couldnt.
  14. yes you are.. and as for the accountable,
  15. i hope your right, i waited a long time for this game and im really dissapointed that the sys specs are so damn high.
  16. i never said rework the engine, i said to help the lower end systems run GRAW. the lower end systems that can run it, it doesnt run smooth. the mouse lag, etc. why cant a patch be made to optimized the game to allow a pc with 1 gig ram gfx 6200 and a 2.1 ghz cpu to run it smoothly with descent fps rate? i really think this game isnt as big as the original one was cause not many people can play it.
  17. just curious if there is any possibility of the next patch will be able to lower the min system spec a little more so it can run more smoothly on the lower end systems?
  18. I DLed this as well but I can only find Opengl32.dll not the Openal32.dll as it calls for. I also don't have the wrap_oal.dll file at all. Any clue? Thanks in advance, Fresh ← the link to the file you need is at the bottom of the page the guy links to
  19. my desktop is 1024x768 my game is 800x600 sadly i only get 15 fps according to fraps
  20. i have a 450 watt antec PSU could it help ya... sorry im not sure if a power supply makes or breaks a game.
  21. ok first let me start off my saying, like most tweek info, this may not work for you. im posting this cause this is what increased my performance. even the mouse lag isnt as bad as it used to be its still some there. Now i have a min spec PC. im more about gameplay then eye candy. so if you want eye candy, this is might not be good for ya. this is all i tried so far, if there are other tweaks to increase performance over eye candy, please add to this post. there is yet 1 more tweek for me to try as soon as i try it out i will update this post. here are my specs amd xp3000+ (2.1ghz) gfx 6200OC 1 gig ram audigy 2zs I have all my video settings set according to this <render_settings> <variable name="aspect_ratio" value="0"/> <variable name="brightness" value="1"/> <variable name="dynamic_lights" value="false"/> <variable name="effect_quality" value="disabled"/> <variable name="max_anisotropy" value="1"/> <variable name="post_effect_quality" value="disabled"/> <variable name="shadow_quality" value="disabled"/> <variable name="texture_managed_backdrop" value="false"/> <variable name="texture_managed_buildings" value="false"/> <variable name="texture_managed_buildings_low" value="false"/> <variable name="texture_managed_characters" value="false"/> <variable name="texture_managed_default" value="false"/> <variable name="texture_managed_effects" value="false"/> <variable name="texture_managed_ground" value="false"/> <variable name="texture_managed_lightmaps" value="false"/> <variable name="texture_managed_no_lod" value="false"/> <variable name="texture_managed_plants" value="false"/> <variable name="texture_managed_player_vehicles" value="false"/> <variable name="texture_managed_props" value="false"/> <variable name="texture_managed_props_bump" value="false"/> <variable name="texture_managed_props_high" value="false"/> <variable name="texture_managed_silhouettes" value="false"/> <variable name="texture_managed_sky" value="false"/> <variable name="texture_managed_vehicles" value="false"/> <variable name="texture_managed_weapons" value="false"/> <variable name="texture_managed_weapons_third" value="false"/> <variable name="texture_quality" value="low"/> <variable name="texture_quality_backdrop" value="low"/> <variable name="texture_quality_buildings" value="low"/> <variable name="texture_quality_buildings_low" value="low"/> <variable name="texture_quality_characters" value="low"/> <variable name="texture_quality_default" value="low"/> <variable name="texture_quality_effects" value="low"/> <variable name="texture_quality_ground" value="low"/> <variable name="texture_quality_lightmaps" value="low"/> <variable name="texture_quality_no_lod" value="low"/> <variable name="texture_quality_plants" value="low"/> <variable name="texture_quality_player_vehicles" value="low"/> <variable name="texture_quality_props" value="low"/> <variable name="texture_quality_props_bump" value="low"/> <variable name="texture_quality_props_high" value="low"/> <variable name="texture_quality_silhouettes" value="low"/> <variable name="texture_quality_sky" value="low"/> <variable name="texture_quality_vehicles" value="low"/> <variable name="texture_quality_weapons" value="low"/> <variable name="texture_quality_weapons_third" value="low"/> </render_settings> </render_config> I updated my sound drivers. Im using the nividia 84.21 drivers. I have my EAX turned off. and I tried this sound tweek http://forum.eagames.co.uk/viewtopic.php?t...452fe71c875c9c8 and i followed this tip putting the number of frames to render ahead to 0. http://downloads.guru3d.com/download.php?det=201 Install cool bits... in your display properties go to advanced. Under performance and quality settings there is an additional Direct 3d settings after installing the reg file. you can then adjust it there. If 0 causes any issues try 1. hope this is helpfull to some, if not, well i tried.
  22. if so about how many players are on a night, around average? im curious, i might reinstall this classic if there are still alot of people that play it
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