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  1. anyone have or know of tweaks for lower end machines?
  2. i havent read anything about itor even attempting it, but before i waste my time to find out its not possible i figured i would ask first. is it possible to install the demo file to run a dedicated server?
  3. that should read, "if you build it THE RIGHT WAY, they will come"
  4. any official word on dedicated server files for the full release ?
  5. can anyone fill me in on this? what are the min and recommended specs to run this game
  6. whats everyone using now a days to play GR1 on multiplayer? ubi or something else?
  7. i want to start looking for some good servers to join what do you use to find them?
  8. Im having difficult running a GRAW server and a BF2 server. when the graw server is running the BF2 server locks up on launch. is this issue gonna be addressed on why the GRAW server uses alot of resources?
  9. is it just easy enough to copy all th files from the install? anyone have instructions on doing so? TIA
  10. my opinion on how GRAW should of been: is able to be played on the average machine and no need for a uber top dollar pc, to play this game.
  11. Just wanted to know if the CD is still needed to launch a server, even with all these patches?
  12. not only the current game play issues are a big factor, i think also becuase some people dont have the uber PC's to run GRAW at a descent FPS. If they would of only made it more "playable" then trying to be "state of the art" they alot more people would be playing it. as for the cheats, if there isnt a anticheat for this, this game is sure to die fast as R6 lockdown did, that game didnt even make it past 2 weeks from retail sale.
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