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  1. Ah, I must have missed a room I guess. Thanks!
  2. I downloaded frostbite and have been playing it tonight. Excellent mod! Unfortunately I've encountered the same frustrating problem twice now. I can't find where I'm supposed to go to complete the "gather intel". A search for the problem before suggested using IGOR to find the location, which worked on that level (the one with the underground base). Now I'm on "Frozen Keep", where you have to storm the castle from across the tiny foot bridge. I seem to have killed all the badies, but I can't find the intel. IGOR shows it as being in the middle of the big dinning table. I walked all around the dinging table and nothing. I tried crawling under it, but wasn't allowed to. I'm completely stumped. This is more than a litte frustrating BTW! Can someone direct me how to find the stupid intel. BTW the objectives list still shows that I haven't captured the russian officer, which I have. Maybe I have to go the the exraction zone to get them to work? Thanks!
  3. Oh a new install was coming anyway. I've been having issues, and I have a new HD sitting on my desk waiting to be installed. Now I have a good excuse. But the GR issue isn't related. It did the exact same thing before, but I can't for the life of me remember what I did to fix it. After I get everything back up, I'll do another install and post the suggested info. Thanks.
  4. Hmmm, no idea what the IKE log is. BTW I've tried uninstalling and re-installing several times and now IE won't work. The only way to get explorer is to use the "windows update" then type the address. So I'll be doing a full wipe and redew of XP now.
  5. Thanks, just noticed the other forum after I posted... Still looking for help on this too.
  6. The other day I decided to reinstall GR after a year without it, but I ran into an old problem. When I try to run the game I loose all video. The computer chunks away at the HD until I ctrl/alt/dlt back to the desktop at which point audio kicks in. Switching back to the game just causes it to hang again. I had this problem the firts time I installed it, but I can't remember how I fixed it. I've tried all the patches from the official website, and yes I've updated all my drivers and downloaded the latest direct-x. I'm running XP, Athlon ~1.4 GHz (forget exact cpu), Nvidia G-force 3 Ti Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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