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  1. Has anyone had luck getting this one to work on a mac yet ?
  2. Billy Bongwater

    Dying Words

    It was General John Sedgwick, commander of the Union forces at the Battle of Spotsylvania Court House, 1854.
  3. There's a version for mac at Damnr6.com. Look in "Missions" in the [GR] downloads.Not sure if it'll work for a PC http://www.damnr6.com/macmods/grmission.shtml
  4. If you like to drink,go to Toronto. Otherwise,T.O.sucks. If you prefer "other" forms of impairment,go to Vancouver. Banff is nice,but it's a tourist trap. The scenery on the left coast is amazing and the girls are friendly. Just be careful of the drivers in Vancouver,they're nuts.(disclaimer: I lived there for 25 years)
  5. Quote WK77 "Trying to relieve myself on the back ramp was always fun as the back of the bird seemed to move in circles (()) " Wouldn't that be considered sniping?
  6. If y'all need a hand with Mac beta testing let me know.
  7. Its been a bad week for comedy.First Don Adams,then Nipsey Russell and now Ronnie Barker.I bet St Peter's been having a few good laughs as they show up.I saw Ronnie with Ronnie Corbett at the Winter Gardens in Bournemouth back in 77.I sort of passed out in the front row from jet-lag(honest) and he ad-libbed about 5 minutes of first rate humour at my expense(or so I have been told).The man was a genius and he will be missed.I think the world would be a better place if we traded all the politicians in for comedians.
  8. My guess is the problem was with the RCMP characters.Disney is handling the marketing and licensing for them(seriously)and you know Mickey plays rough.
  9. Any chance of a Mac-friendly version so we can join in the fun?
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