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  1. I wonder how much the engine has been optimized as a whole...I'll definitely will be enjoying the game in all it's beauty though.
  2. I'm actually hoping it gets delayed a little because I need more time to finish building my new PC.
  3. So the game will probably be delayed. Who believed the 3/30 release date anyways? I just hope the game is polished this time around. If it isn't I'll still buy it hoping the AI improvements mentioned isn't complete BS.
  4. You may want to upgrade your video card because I'm not sure if the 7600gs is supported.
  5. I saw the link on the front page so I clicked it and hope to get some sort of new info on GRAW 2. I read on and saw this: "The Rocket Launcher, for instance, was replaced by a guided missile, which is easily controlled after you fire it (HL 2 anyone?)." I never expected that to happen, but I think I might enjoy it somewhat. Link: http://www.actiontrip.com/previews/ghostre...rfighter2.phtml
  6. I never liked to change characters in [GR] but had to at times. I just used great tactucal planning most of the time. I'd rather soul switching left out simply because I like the realism of having one playable chracter.
  7. Support would be nice but I don't expect it to be popular too soon with games. I'm building a PC that will hopefully last me a long time but I'm slowly collecting parts. Maybe by the time I'm done there will be more support for dual core.
  8. Single player AI in GRAW is incredibly stupid. I'm glad to see that GRIN is focusing on that area. Of course the AI was supposed to be incredible in the first game according to reviews so I guess I'll have to wait and see.
  9. Is English your primary language? What he meant was GRAW PC was not a port and GRAW 2 will not be a port. GRAW 2 will be 1st person just as GRAW was. This is the PC forum where we talk about the PC version.
  10. It's nice to see that they are patching sooner than expected. I still don't have the game but will be getting it shortly, and the fact that it'll be even better by then is great.
  11. Luckily for me I was only interested in the campaign. Sure, I did the other modes on occasion..but I won't miss them. MP is what kept GR strong for a long time.
  12. i'm guessing the reason people are complaining about that is because of lag. without good servers it's hard to be sure. ← I killed most people with 1 shot, but due to server lag sometimes you shoot a load of lead at someone and he does not die. I think it's lag because sometimes they just disappear and appear somewhere a bit a far from your position. As ghost said we need dedicated servers to confirm this. ← Phew! I was concerned about that greatly. Not like I couldn't adjust...it's just a GR thing though, ya, know?
  13. Wait a minute, how many rounds does it take to kill someone online? Please don't tell me it takes an unrealistic ammount like in BF2. Oh well, that's what mods are for.
  14. I think most of the community is pleased. Not to mention there will be patches probably based on what the true fans want. The game will only get better in due time. I'm happy.
  15. Personally, I'm satisfied with the game. I didn't expect the orginal GR because that was five years ago. PC gamers usually upgrade their systems for games they anticipate. I did, and I will again. Anyways, I hate to hear that you aren't happy, Hack. The more online the merrier. What exactly is it that you don't like about the gameplay?
  16. In my case I think it was a bug. I'll tell you why, he only kept repeating it after I loaded a checkpoint, there is no way he was actually out of ammo, and like I said earlier, he shot at enemies still. If he was out of ammo wouldn't he switch to secondary anyways instead of telling Daddy over and over again that he was dry?
  17. Yu could give your team extra ammo in the kit selection screen. That may help them last a little onger. silent_op ← But they aen't out of ammo. The just say they are. They still fire at enemy soldiers.
  18. It's happened to me too. Druac, they're not actually out of ammo, they just keeps saying they are. I got so irritated once that I put 1/2 of a mag in Brown and restarted the game. It happened again so I just played some coop.
  19. I was surprised earlier when I saw through a crosscom cam an M9 in the hands of my AI. I thought that maybe it was a glitch so I looked at him myself. Sure enough there was a Berreta in his hand. Once we were in cover he put the pistol back in its holster and said "reloading" while reloading his primary. I was wondering if this happened in game. I like the fact that it is there. We just got out of a fire fight so I supposed the AI decided to pull out the sidearm instead of reloading. He even followed me for a while with it out until I noticed it.
  20. I'm glad the quicksave is gone. I like to replan if something goes wrong anyways.
  21. The climbing and vaultign over small objects is exactly what I was talking about. I think that wuld add a tactical aspect to the game. It would be a great way to get out of the line of enemy fire.
  22. SCAR L with front grip. Sometimes a GL as well, but I prefer iron sights for this map.
  23. Climbing over obstacels like short wall would be great. No jumping freely, just something like Rogue Spear. That was implemented well and it can be done even better in GRAW. I can hardly wait for adversarial MP. WOOT!
  24. The one thing I like about the PE on would be the fact that it looks like the sun is setting. The only problem with that though is the sky. It doesn't look like a sunset is actually happening. Since I don't look at the sky though I feel as if the sun is setting. SO I turn it on sometimes...and turn it off during others. Not really a big deal to me.
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