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  1. WOW!! been a LOOONG time. just reinstalled GR IT DS. runs like lightspeed on new computer.glad to see community is still alive and kickin!! hey rocky! hard to believe that one small game has XPLODED into this giant beast. site looks AWESOME!! keep up the great work

  2. to all canops friends and users. have a small glitch with my canops 2 mod. every time i use the launcher i make my selection ( ie cadpat) but when i get in the game, and go to pick my team, always seem to be getting all mixed players. ( old , new, airborne). have uninstalled and reinstalled a fresh version but it doesnt make any difference. since it seems that baja is officially MIA and not responding to e/m's i hope someone in our world might be able to offer some help. thanks wolverine
  3. thanks to everyone who keeps our great game going!!!!


  4. wow! what a difficult choice. truly thankful to all modders who made the game so enjoyable. to have to pick just one is challenging at best. i would have to make my vote for my fellow canadian, bajabravo. starting with sabre teams, then the canops mods, and probably other mods that i cant remember. it seems that after sabre teams, that it opened the door for other countries and modders to make skins/mods for their countries. being a ex military person it was nice to see some of the old equipment that i used ( fnc1a1). to be honest this was a extremely hard choice to make, if i had another vote it would defineatly go to sixpence, who seemed to grab the ball and run with it. thankyou to all modders, your work is enjoyed by all !!! wolverine
  5. hello to completely noob! just a quick line or too. if you go to reinstall gr and expansions you might get a notice saying " already installed or unable to install" if you get this you have to go into your registery. i think you go to start ...run.... type " regedit" and search for the gr files and delete them from your registry. then reinstall all gr files. its a pain in the butt.......but you'll be able to play again. this after countless hours of reinstalling , buying another disc, ( first one was still good ), defragging,...etc...etc...etc. hope this info helps wolverine cold & snowy in canada
  6. thanks 4 the info D!!! i added the line 2 my sig & made the changes he's hoping it works!!! thanks wolverine
  7. greetings all!! it's been a while since i was here,(work, wife, apprenticship school) & it seems like a lot has happened. first, snowfella sorry 2 hear that u r leaving. we have lost a great modder. support u all the way part#124?? second, is there any chance about finding out what happened 2 mods like year of the monkey & any other older mods?? i see that it hasn't been updated since april?? third, rocky sorry 2 hear about the hacker. idont understand what posseses some ppl 2 to this?? what do they have 2 gain from doing this??? do they want a whole community POed at them?? or is it maybe a "power trip" by a teenaged punk who thinks he's cool?? fourth i see a lot of u have the "GR Classic" in your sig!! how do u put this in, and where do u get it?? thanks for any & all help wolverine
  8. to all: have had these probs before ( 2 many mods, CTD, uninstall & reinstall, etc) no matter how many times u uninstall & reinstall or delete stuff entirely, somehow your comp. seems 2 find this stuff. try this: go 2 your main startup screen( on comp) click your "start" button click "run" in the box type "REGEDIT" in here u will find a whole bunch of file folders "HKEY" somewhere in all or some, of these folders u will find all the stuff from GR that u "thought" u deleted. u must remove all the stuff u dont want from here. if u remove everything (GR) from here u will now have a nice CLEAN folder 2 reinstall GR & all your other mods again. u will also find all the old stuff that u "deleted" so that "other" people wont see ( we all know what i'm talking about right??) here as well. u might want 2 "REDELETE" that stuff as well. hope this helps someone! wolverine out
  9. wow!!!!!!! what an xcellent mod.great maps, great storyline, killer graphics. but only one downside.SNAKES?????????? i cant believe i was taken out by a snake. nice touch six!!!! oh yeah found out the hard way about crossing rivers, and that pungee trap really, really hurt too xcellent stuff have 2 play this one a few times to avoid all of six's lovely little traps great job
  10. hey man found it, thanks now i know what 2 do no, the falls havent froze over yet!!!!!!!!!
  11. hey kurtz, went 2 ghostahol.com couldntfind patch anywhere,the only thing they have is a patch for alpha mod,where exactly did u find it???? my polish 2 english translation isnt what it used 2 b thanks wolverine
  12. good day eh! greetings from the great white north!! read about yor problem, may have some solutions. 1. u must have canops2 as yor #1 priority on yor MODS. 2. when u start GR, put disk in, select CANCEL go 2 yor CanOps2 icon on desktop launch through there.(u will have 2 select yor mode of play, ie: modern weapons, and then carry on into GR) 3. try using a demo man to get 2 2REP, they r already on their way 2 extract, u have 2 protect them. the poop will hit the fan right around the corner, by the broken bridge. u have 3 tanks & a buttload of guys. there r also enemies at the old encampment on the top of the ridge as well on the ridge 2 yor left. hope this helps feel free 2 P/M me if u need anymore help. good luck & good hunting PS yor gonna have fun with the Prime Ministers chateau miss. if u get there wolverine
  13. i think "walnut post #7 & "jf sebastian post #17" r right on the money. xbox & ps2 guys (err, kids) will play it 4 a couple of weeks, until "the next big/cool game" comes out. if it hadnt been 4 u hardcore PC guys & all the great modders, none of these kids(including mr gates) would what the game is.seems like RSE & UBI r using GR2 as the "flavour of the month" and expect the PCers 2 wait and pick up the slack when X and PS sales start to fade. can u say the word " monopoly" Mr Gates??? and how would u feel if we put a C7/M203 up your butt?? oh yeah u better ship 2 Canada @ the same time u ship 2 US distributors, geek!!
  14. hey greetings from cold & rainy niagara falls canada!!!! the best way i found to interrogate the prisoners is to round up all 8, find a semi open area, have them all together with you. switch to your secondary weapon ( usually a pistol) and ten proceed to shoot ( one at a time) 4 guys in the foot. then you should get a pop-up screen saying " interrogated prisoners" by the way the trucks are at either end of the road going west-east position. hope this helps!!!! BRING BACK NHL HOCKEY SOON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. hey richmondskin!!! just a thought?? a) go ahead and do the mod, there aren't enough campaigns out there!!!! b) if u seek help look 2 guys like bajabravo, el oso & sixpence all excellent modders c) if u do the mod, how about instead of rangers or seals, go recon team ( remember the movie Heartbreak Ridge) just a thought wolverine
  16. dont know?? who's got it? what is it about? havent even heard about it until now. 5:45pm oct 13 2004
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