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  1. there is still someone worse than me, that's what it means, doesn't it?? eheheh
  2. hmm seems good; i was looking for a 3d model, to be put on scale... on thesse drawings i do not have dimensions, which is what i need...
  3. Hello everyone. Finally im back on Ghost Recon, in the modding community. But this time, not for virtual modding, but for a "real" one. But let me explain... It's a couple of years that i play airsoft, and some players enjoy trying to build themselves some rifles, MGs, etc that havent been made yet. In these days, a user asked for some draws of a Browning M2, so I asked myself: "what about asking some of those modders?" We would like to use a 3d model to make some measurements and, helped by other photos and so, trying to make a copy the more realistic possible. So, any of you would like to share his browning model, to allow us to make that custom airsoft machine gun? here's the thread, i'm sorry it's only in italian. http://forum.airsoftcommunity.info/viewtop...f=29&t=5427 I'm sure that anyone willing to help will feel fine on the site, some on the forum should speak english better than me And here's a pic of "those sunday soldiers" which i belong to (but don't worry, luckyly its only a game ) Link To Large Image * I am the ugly guy, the second from the left * [staff Edit: - Please keep pictures to 500 pixels wide] Done John, sorry about that...added black square on faces for privacy reasons
  4. turning AI off after he's been running may work? of course, it should be a linear path. or setting timer to keep giving him the "run" team plan, maybe. You can check civilians ROE and so in M15 in [GR] russian campaign. I would add...set stance fixed to "stand".
  5. even before, since i should be working right now
  6. my pleasure ... and im pretty happy you are putting in some old jobs! some kind of...pride ehehe!
  7. god, it's ages i do not log in this site...but it seems that the [GR] community is still rockin'! After this mod, I must re-install dear old GR. Let's hope i even find the time to play, then...eheheh!
  8. hmm even if you set "sec_actor_invisibility" on??? sounds pretty strange to me...
  9. yeah there is a way. put the claymore kit in a Group, for example "CLAY KIT GROUP". Set "Control Kit Group" to control this group of triggers, and set it to "disable". Once the player is given the kit, set "Enable Control Kit Group" and in "Control Kit Group" set "Disable CLAY KIT GROUP". Player shouldn't be given the kit anymore when he spawns. There is even a "respawn" trigger event, so you should check it too.
  10. i think mig is right, it depends on who's the enemy you're fighting. I usually set soldiers with Aks and one PKM or two RPK, then all in suppress ROE. GL, usually one even for teams or 3 or 4. RPGs rarely, only if there are friendly tanks in the map and they are scripted to attack them. The only problem with GL is that it's really too accurate. Hell they miss you with a 30 rounds mag to snipe you out with a 40 mm grenade. Editing the gun file can be a good idea ehhe. SVD is a great addition to the enemy team. They will punish you if you dare too much eheh. Sometimes i put somewhere a fixed GL or a fixed MG. But most of the times fixed MGs will miss you. Soldiers are just standing waiting for you to shot them eheh. Usually i give AN-94 to what should be elite russian soldiers and AK-74 or AKSU to regular soldiers. AK-47 to the "rebels", and i would give SMGs and AKs to druglord and so. Mercenary should have some M16a2 and so. And if you are going in south america, well, it's said there are many ww2 weapons between the various groups. Not sure though.
  11. well i have a Sapphire X1600 pro and its giving me maaany problems eheh. in embassy map, i go from 240 FPS to 16 in some parts of the map. Still dont know why ehehe. BTW, you're totally right. If you want to edit them, try to contact the creator, maybe he can gives you charachter with no headgear and separate attachments.
  12. well if you have an edited XML file and you host a game, you kinda "overwrite" other people XMLs i think. BTW, you should be right.It works only on the "chest" armor (so values for head, legs etc. won't change). the mod should work if set to highest priority. you will need only "modscont" file and the xml. you dont have to create folders, but its always good to make them.
  13. there was a MG43 in the great patriottic mod, or am i wrong?
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