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  1. Here's to more Powerpoint Presentations!! Good luck man!
  2. Hi Guys, A long time ago I purchased the old Diamond Rio Portable MP3 player when mp3 players were not mass marketted. There was an extremely useful feature for me on it. You could loop sections of songs over and over. I play guitar, so this really, really helped me learn songs by being able to loop it as I listen to it. Sure I could put the sing on my computer and loop it through some waveform editor, but that can be pretty annoying. Do you know of any mp3 players available today that have this sound loop (not song repeat) feature?
  3. That 2.4m is the total GRAW franchise. Remember, GRAW was released on PC, PS2, Xbox, as well as 360. The downloads on the 360 DLC, in my opinion, is quite impressive.
  4. He is on the forums quite often as are several others visibly and some you may not even know are devs from RSE. ← We're a stealthy bunch..
  5. It was really nice to see all of you again. I'm glad you love the game and can't wait until it's released
  6. Full auto and burst was in the PC as well, don't forget. People use full auto or burst on xbox because you can't be pixel accurate like you can with a mouse. I wouldn't blame it on the game. Plus, I believe it's all in who you play with.
  7. Intrestingly you don't see them in MP; the RSE side of the game. ← Where is the MP footage? I can't seem to find it on any of the mentioned pages.
  8. This is just my opinion, but if I were developing a game on 2 platforms (for example), and 10 people were going to play the game, I certainly would not develop the same game on both platforms. I say, 'Why have a game that plays the same on every system?" Simple answer: Serellan can't be at every convention that happens. Even if he was, how would the game get done?
  9. I sure didn't make any maps targetted to kids. I don't think Piggyson and the rest of the character team made their characters unrealistic so a child could enjoy it. And I don't believe the design of the game was specifically targeted towards minors. If GR was for kids, it would be on Gamecube with a toon shader. But it's not. It's actually quite realistic. Characters are beautifully detailed. Weaponry and other technology are mirrored from their real world counterparts. Foliage is researched to be 100% accurate to the region in which the games take place. Architecture is researched to fit the style of the region, be it Kazakhstan, Korea, Mexico City, Georgia, Cuba, etc. Enemy vehicles are also chosen based on region as well. Design knows their weapons, clip sizes, rate of fire, range, etc. All of this attention to detail and authenticity is in Red Storm games, so I'm not quite so sure why people think the games are targeted to kids and can't appeal to an older audience, be it console or PC.
  10. I remember paying 70$ for Phantasy Star when it came out, which was a Sega Master System game. I also paid 60-70$ for some top-rated Genesis games too. I'm sure there were equally prices SNES games. Personally, I don't mind paying 60$ for a game if it's good. Even if it's not that great, 6 months down the line it will be in the used or bargain section of EB for 20$ or 30$.
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