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  1. wonder if they under any contract issuses with UBI? And all for the Grin boys having a crack at their own shooter
  2. Are the GRIN boys having a Garage Sale on all the old PC`s? Love the new panoramic of the Office
  3. 2 grin staff looking at this thread as i type I think I can almost hear them wanting to post a massive amount of info but are unable to....
  4. Guess we ventured off the topic a little bit, but the point I was trying to make make is the experience that I had, due to good team work and comms, allowed the game to be a kick ###### fight I guess teamwork is what makes the game
  5. I recall some comments a while back about ppl saying that GRAW did not have any tactical element to it. I would like to belive that it does. Last night I was on the BDA(BeerDrinking Assasins) server with a few of the =ADF= Crew(Aussie Clan) playing a bit of DOM. With comms via Vent. we where able to co-ordinate both attacking and defencive moves. for example 2 man teams would break out of the spawn and move to secure each zone. the teams would keep each other informed of any enemy in the area to try to establish a picture of enemy movment and move to where the threat was the most important, and either fall back to reinforce a falling zone, try to flank and enemy that was pushing on the other teams holding that zone. While I understand that on most public servers it would be hard to pull together a team to work well together, GRAW can be ###### awesome when a team works together, employing diffrent tactics to win the game. Good maps(as on the BDA server) and either Vent or TS just make it even better.
  6. a broken Femur and a few other bullet wounds will make you do that
  7. I sure this has been posted before but..... So I jumped on the German Ghosts server last night( from Australia to Germany with only the smallest amount of lag ) to play a bit of HH, the map was The Cape(the one with the caves?) and what started off as good close in struggle for the top of the hill, soon turned into a Nade spamming spawn raping pile of do-do. I understand that not much cant be done with the spawn raping, (until we get some admin tools) but here is a need for the option of kit restrictions too weed the above mentioned players. Once again sorry if this has been mentioned before but I had to get it off my chest
  8. its cool The 12 and 5in guns I could understand, but for the piont defence weapon(right term?) it would have to use some "pulse" to get the projectiles out there on mass (do they fire at 5000 rpm ?)
  9. seems like these could only be used as a tanks main weapon or rifle/small arms. Ity seems as every thing on ships and aircraft now is a guided weapon
  10. a few clips of BOOM!!! http://www.break.com/index/death_from_above.html
  11. *BUMP I was looking for this as well. I have seen it somwhere but had no luck using a search for it.
  12. Auto Nade launcher takess nade spamming to a whole new level or who about this
  13. What are the Chances of creating a "GR.Net Community Map Pack" We have some skilled mappers going nuts creating maps so why bundle them up into 1 D/L?? or run a comp for the best maps whoop wrong map pack name
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