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  1. I'm with WK77 on this one. I really like dedicated weapon mods and wish that the modders would create such mods for GRAW. After playing GR1 for so many years, it does get a little tedious clicking through too many weapons, although, at first it was great. I guess that newer players tend to like the multiple options a great deal at first, but then grow tired when they find their favs and have to click through all the rest. That happened to me at least.
  2. Hey WytchDokta, Are you still mixing your music and sending it over the Net like you did last year? I was one of the guys you sent it to last year, thought it was pretty cool I would like to hear some more if you still are up for it. Thanks bud. KillingJoke
  3. Keep it up, guys. I like to listen to your mixes while I surf on the web. A little work is needed, but it is fun none the less. Don't quit.
  4. Like I said. But, please note that it is not real sniper work, as a trained sniper would classify it. "Sniping" is a loose and general term that defines slower, aimed, deliberate fire. It is NOT sniper fire. I hope that is it on this subject, it's getting beat to death.
  5. May be Specter understood Ronins Q better. A helo can provide "covering" fire for the team as they exited out the aircraft. But that is a very brief time. Snipers don't like ANYBODY around when they go to work. A helo with rotor wash is a BIG distraction!! This of course has nothing more to do with the original post. And if I recall, the M1 Scout is a Springfield Armory (civi) product and was not in use by the US military. M14-M21, yes. Gee, I hope we did't scare Foxtrot away
  6. No, they are providing supporting, cover, and harassing fire. Use whatever term you would like. The big problem is the word 'sniping'. It is a deliberate art of controlled-accurate-deadly fire (if you are shooting at human targets, remember, there is also sniping at vehicels and other hardened objects for example). I guess you can say the BHD snipers were just "shooting at" targets. Actually, I have to see that movie again to give you any more info. We have to differ from "shooting at" and actually "sniping". I tried to use as simple terms as possible so everyone can understand. Did it work?
  7. I guess Mr. Swofford didn't think very highly of himself or his fellow Marines.
  8. Yes it is done, BUT you would not really call it sniping. More like supporting and harassing fire. Real sniping, (that means accuracy) needs a stable platform like WK77 said. Helos are not really stable at all times, therefore you can't really call it sniping. Hope this helps.
  9. Rats? What rats? Never saw any in the three weeks I was there last year. Saw a couple of train spotters though.
  10. Astra performs the lyrics on Hold Me Tonite, Susan performs the vocals on I Believe In You. And when I say "they perform the vocals", I don't mean they are crappy vocals with no meaning, or that they are not sung very well. Trust me, Astra and Susan can sing very well (in Hold me Tonite, you can actually hear Astra's still got a slight accent; she sings the track in English too. Both Astra and Susan really put effort into the singing. We'll have some samples up here soon (some tracks are still work in progress). ← @WytchDokta - PM'ed ya.
  11. Well, call me a sexist or a pervert, BUT I like the bikini BUTT the best. I love London and the "Tube"
  12. Just because, and for old times sake: The Smiths - " How Soon is Now? " & " Hand in Glove "
  13. Gents, this is too much. When will this be out? I really like that you are using your imaginations and are having fun with this. I'll even wait an extra 3 months for GRAW to come out, while you keep us entertained!
  14. This will be cool! Can't wait to see this coming out. I didn't even know "Astra" could sing?!? Good work guys!
  15. Thanks SC. It's good to know we are not alone out there. I saw DCD in Hamburg, Germany in '96 or '97. Great show! Lisa Gerrard's voice is haunting. I heard Dead Can Dance is making a reunion and touring Europe at least.
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