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  1. I'm not into web designing so I don't know how these things work. But I know that some sites with both a standard and a mobile version, first provide you their mobile one, but also allow you to permanently disable the mobile version and have the desktop one instead. If I'm right Gizmodo, Youtube and Wikipedia all have it this way. Also on my iPod I'm using an app called Useragent Faker, which tricks websites into thinking that they're actually dealing with a desktop browser and not a mobile device. And so get the standard version of their site. However your site apparently isn't fooled that easily as it simply gives me the mobile version instead. Btw don't let my posts make you think that your work of building a mobile version isn't appreciated. Sometimes I find dealing with a specially designed site without any nonsense going on more comfortable on my iPod, than from behind a PC.
  2. Nice work only the mobile site doesn't seem to display the same up to date news compared to when I visit the normal page on my PC. Also would it be possible to add a link that gives you the option to use the normal version for those with capable devices?
  3. Just found out about this. My best wishes to you Dannik, I hope you're getting well soon man.
  4. I just watched "Last stand in Oman" as I couldn't watch it when it was broadcasted. They should've named that one "certain death", of any of those episodes it would be the last day I would want to witness.
  5. But TJ has a nice big satellite dish on his roof where he can watch UK tv with. I was about to recommend you to try a UK proxy server but this must be better: Special Forces Heroes: Iranian Embassy Special Forces Heroes: Terror In The Skies Special Forces Heroes: Last Stand In Oman Special Forces Heroes: Operation Certain Death Nice final episode, the part with the UK SF recon team is as GR'ish as it can get.
  6. The saying "Never change a winning team" applies to the GR -> GRAW transition (if you agree that the GR series went downhill since GRAW). However, by saying that change per definition is bad you say that GR is perfect and you prevent it from evolving. You should make the distinction between radical change and change as in improvement. GRAW was obviously radical but that doesn't mean GR shouldn't improve as even GR wasn't perfect.
  7. The recent episode surely had the most humour in it. I was laughing out loud when the sas guy was telling about the stun grenade demonstration on the Germans, and seeing them lying around shocked, confused and blinded. Also the part with the airport security looked to came straight out of a movie. Did anyone understand what the reason was that they couldn't bring their own kit with them? That didn't became clear to me from the footage.
  8. I copied that part from the Channel 5 site, I think you're right about that the Germans stormed it. If I'm right the SAS gave them assistance.
  9. Yeah that a lot didn't go to plan kind of surprised me, previous docs always gave me the impression that it all went a lot smoother. I knew about the guy getting stuck on the rope while catching flames. But that that event led to them not using the breaching charge on the door was new to me. Same as the weapon jam the guy had at start. And the discussion they had of using ladders instead of abseiling down. Edit: To ad something to that I remember that in another documentary John MacAleese mentioned he inhaled some CS gas and had to throw up in his mask. With all these things happening against them it really shows how professional these guys where to still get the job done. I found it strange that the original plan was to drive from Regent's park all the way down to Princes Gate in case it all started. I would imagine being as close as possible would be the most logical option. Sim Harris and Trevor Lock where also on previous documentary's, one of the Survival Secrets episodes features a meeting between Harris and John MacAleese.
  10. Thanks for the tip DS, great show. I've seen quite a few docs about operation Nimrod but this one still managed to give away some things I didn't know yet. Next week's episode: "Terror in The Skies. Drama-documentary series that highlights the heroic work of Britain's special forces. This instalment tells the story of the hijacking of Lufthansa Flight 181 in 1977. Using dramatisations and interviews, the film reveals how the Special Air Service stormed the aircraft to take down the terrorists."
  11. Yes I'm playing GR:IT again since quite some time and it feels like coming home after all the graw's and other R&G games. I insist that anyone interested in playing [GR]/GR:IT again to post his gamertag or ad people to their list so we may create a small group of active players again.
  12. Hey Paladin you know me so you know I'm all for a more realistic game. Since GR 2 came out I've spend a lot of time posting on all these forums in the hope to get the old school recon back. Ofcourse I do hope they will change it back just like you but my advise would be to leave "Ghost Recon" for what it is. We are around 5 GR games further and as you can see it's getting worse and worse. Let Ubi keep misusing the good name of "Ghost Recon" which [GR] earned, no point to waste your time anymore. Also my thought is that a game should follow a certain direction instead of a game with arcade and serious gameplay, otherwise it will only lead to a split community. Better hope for a new game like the guys at Blackfoot Studios are making. Personally I think I'm done with the series I even had my doubts when buying GRAW2. Now I have it I've found myself spending more time playing Worms which says enough. Still, good luck.
  13. A while ago there where reports on severall news sites of a supposedly leaked Ubi Soft release list: http://www.xboxic.com/news/413 One of the names on that list was a supposedly new Clancy game named "Tom Clancy's Firehawk". Maybe it's all about that.
  14. Man this game is getting better and better by the minute...
  15. Yeah I'm very interested in this too. I would like to see an AI that has somekind of "awareness level" that lets them act differently depending on the level of awareness and even an option to surrender if they feel they can't win the situation anymore. For example when you are alone in a room and a door suddenly pops open with one or more guys sticking out with guns pointing at you would you still shoot back or surrender? Wouldn't it be logical to choose for the last? In which case the AI could choose for as well based on a few factors: 1# Distance between you and him. If he's really far away he sees multiple opportunities to escape, and if he's really close he doesn't and may surrender. 2# Outnumbered or not? A group of 50 soldiers isn't afraid for 8 guys, but only one or a few are. 3# Time till attack. If you storm in a room and your back is facing an enemy, afcourse he will not surrender but he probably will if your weapon is pointed at him or really close to him. (This would be really great when trying to make one or more surrender by keep looking at him or constantly switching your weapon between multiple enemies to keep them in place). 4# Prepared or Surprised? If the AI sees you coming from miles away they are prepared and will fight back. If suddenly a flashbang or grenade explodes near them they're in shock and won't attack you so easily.
  16. I really like to see this as well they had a very basic version of this on the embassy map (and others?) in [GR], too bad they didn't went on with it. A more advanced version with more and smarter civilian AI would be great, cause I always hate it when a game supposely takes place in an urban area but doesn't have this, it simply doesn't give you the feeling your playing in a real city, instead it just feels like some map in some computer game. With this you could even have missions where you and your team would be dressed up like the locals and have to "blend in" in order to complete your mission.
  17. Yeah I once also had the idea of a extracting a downed pilot game, but what about this: Hunter force vs small group of Special Forces: Pilot Rescue. A real pilot (and crew?) player crashes into enemy territory on a random part of the map. The hunter force knows this and have to start searching for flames and smoke trail of the downed chopper/jet in order to know the exact location of the crash site. When crashed the pilot quickly flees the scene and contacts his base using radio and let them know his position. The SF team is than send in for a rescue operation and are inserted by chopper or maybe boat. They have to communicate constantly with the pilot player about where to meet him and on intel about enemy positions so they can escort him back to a safer location away from the crash site in order to extract. As you said yourself this can only be done on a large map so you can disappear. The same weapon and equipment rules for "Hunter force vs small group of Special Forces" apply again.
  18. Lol they removed it: http://forums.ubi.com/eve/forums/a/tpc/f/3...13/m/2311016725
  19. Altough I understand your concerns about it being misused but I'm all for jumping. Ubi is about to release I believe it's 8th installment of the GR series and from the very first part untill GRAW 2 you still can't move over a silly stone or other small obstacle cause they don't want you to jump. Most of the examples can be fixed by having realistic physhics and maybe better map design or testing. If you can you should check out the BF2 mod Project Reality to get convinced. I think it's the best attempt yet of incorporating jumping in a shooter, bunny hopping is absolutely impossible.
  20. And I always thought I had no social live...
  21. You enjoy this don't you? you sadistic...1.609 ft Edit: Make that 2.175 ft and now I will go to sleep.
  22. Hunter force vs small group of Special Forces: The idea behind this game type is to create a hunter force that needs to track down a team of special forces. The hunter force can be seen as a more brute force kind of team that are in a majority, while the SF team is in minority and they're all about stealth. The hunter force has the option to use vehicles so they can quickly move around in search of the SF team, altough this makes them very mobile it also makes them really easy to be spotted. The SF team on the other hand has better and more advanced equipment available to them (more accurate weapons, high magnification sniper rifles, AV rockets, mines, binocs) If the SF team decides to run right in the open they're easily finished by the hunter force's superior man power. But will they stay concealed behind cover and make well coordinated attacks they're master. Don't think to Halo about it now but see the SF team a bit as the juggernaut. One of the best gamemodes I think for this should be a reach the zone kind of game, where the SF team needs to reach a specific zone(s). While the hunter force needs to prevent them from doing that. I think this mode depending on the map size could take from relatively short to a long period of time, cause the SF team could keep observing the hunter force and only decide to make a move until they think it's safe. As well they could also create a trap and finish them off in an ambush. Teamwork would be key cause lone warriors wouldn't make much chance in any of the teams. Improved Siege: Just normall siege like we all know but slightly improved. Instead of having one or a few fixed siege points let us choose our own exact siege point wherever we want. In [GR] we always played a self created mode called "President" where we had a person (the president) hidden in one of the accessible buildings together with his bodyguards. The opposite team's mission was to enter the building and try to take the president out. If you have lot's of accessible buildings on each map and the option to choose siege points you could choose to position it inside a building and have the same effect. This will get much more out of a map and gives a game much longer replay value.
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