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  1. Nothing has compared to pure FUN of playing COOP HX5 with you guys. Those TK "accidents" in the helo we all have are hilarious. And running around like a nut with only a knife is just as fun. Thanks, mrlenjr
  2. Any Kit I can use a shotgun on........... mrlenjr
  3. Hey, I had fun playing with you guys last night. All I'm interested in is playing coop. So if I can get my computer/comm/time issues sorted out, I'll try and join your team. But in the mean time, I'll just be playing around and see you on various servers. These guys were fun to play with Thanks again, mrlenjr
  4. I got HX3 and HX4 installed. My MAC buddy can only play HX3. I've had no problems. mrlenjr
  5. Hey, I'm in California and am always looking for coop games after 9pm pst. There are servers (using ASE), just not alot of people playing coop. And when they do finally get 6-8 people, the admin changes it to Team. Now that's frustrating. I'm dying to play some HX4 and FB coop. But nobody around to play. I'll keep looking. mrlenjr
  6. Got it all installed with no problems and played coop last night. Thanks Frostbite Team for an incredible addition to a pretty cool game. I'm having alot of fun. mrlenjr
  7. I got a dumb question showing my total computer ignorance. At work I have a MAC and fast connection to the internet. At home I have a PC with dial-up. I play GR at home. So my obvious question is can I download FB to my MAC, burn it on a CD, take it home and load it on my PC? I'm dying to play this and the 56K dial-up to download is too brutal to think about. Thanks, mrlenjr
  8. While I'm thinking of my lovely state (California). Things off the top of my head that will make you laugh. 1. Our state budget DEFECIT is like 34 BILLION. That's with a B friends. Our governor and state representatives like to SPEND, SPEND, SPEND! And then TAX TAX TAX! We had an electricity crisis here, the governor payed super high, premium prices for a guaranteed, stable rate. Basically got ripped off. Then complained and whined after the prices stabilized and businesses wouldn't let him change the contracts. We pay massive amounts of money for vehicle registration each y
  9. Hey, I'm from/in California! You're all hurting my feelings! Seriously, I don't even know what the hell is going on around here......We just got too many kooks who vote. There are more of them, than of me, so don't toss us all in with the loonies! I'm an oppressed minority, white male conservative republican with a job. You're mad about it all? My freaking taxes PAY for all that crap! How do you think I "feel"! mrlenjr ps There is recall petition to unseat Gov. Joe (Grey) Davis, the least popular Govenor in US history. And it does have a chance of passing! woo hoo!
  10. I save myself the grief and only play COOP. Much less hassle. Much more fun. mrlenjr
  11. Another West Coaster! On weeknights I'm having trouble even finding COOP games going on. Getting a bit frustrating. mrlenjr
  12. I'm on a PC. My buddy is on a MAC and we finally played on the same server. Here is the key that I found. You just have to make sure IT is disabled (if you have the PC version) since there isn't a MAC version of that. And your games should be compatible (given you have the 1.4 patch) But there are other mods that MACs can get, so we're gonna try that next. Here is a site he showed me for MACs to download from: http://dynamic.gamespy.com/~damnr6/macmods/index.shtml I don't know if these all actually work, but he says he's downloaded from there. I'm thinking if I download the sam
  13. Here's my 2 cents as a newer player myself. Play coop games for a while. Ubi is fine for that. And if ya don't like how some are playing, just leave and go to another game. Don't take it personal. Being a 56K dial up, I sometimes get told to leave. No biggie. I just move on. In a game, I usually just sort of follow someone with at clan tag, or someone I see who knows what they are doing. Stay behind them, watch what they do to learn, and cover them to be useful at the same time. Listen to directions and stay with your assigned team. I never get alot of kills, but the ones I do u
  14. I take in a game or 2 just about every night. Even if I'm alone. All the coop games I've been in have been extremely fun. And my connection has been excellent. Even with my sucky, 56K puke breath AOL connection..................I think I'm the lag maker.......... Thanks for the server! mrlenjr
  15. While you're all talking about MACs......Part of the reason I bought GR was to play vs/with my buddy Joe who owns a MAC. Is it true MAC owners can only play vs/with MAC and PC vs/with PC only? Or is there any way, someday we could play with each other. Further, while talking to him we started discussing MODs. I downloaded HX4 (which is cool by the way, along with the new dedicated server! Thanks!). He's been downloading too, but has been hit and miss with what is useable for him on the MAC. Is there a list of MAC compatible mods he can access? Thanks, mrlenjr
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