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  1. completely off-topic, but 'new coke' tanked in North America. The sweeter coke flavor actually appealed to tastes in many 3rd world countries that Coke was trying to market in. I believe now they have many different flavors tailored to regional tastes and all are marketed under the label 'coke classic'
  2. I'm really enjoying GRAW and think it's a fine addition to the GR world. My caveat is that I'm a SP player through and through. I don't go online so I can't comment on MP, CO-OP etc. For this game to be my dream game there are just a few issues I'd love to be addressed in future releases: 1) as mentioned ROE. Would love to setup my men in recon and have them move forward and call out contacts, but not engage. It's the one thing GR1 has that I sorely miss from GRAW. And with the ROE I'd love to see the AI a bit more liberal with their GL's. I don't know why they don't use them now, maybe they recognize if the enemy is too far apart for a grenade to effect more than one, but if I give the suppress command I'd love to see a grenadier lob a grenade into the firefight. Never happens now. I end up carrying the GL and equip the AI with something else. The AI mods out there don't really effect this either. I've seen the occasional grenade, but not all that much. 2) overall AI is top notch, but as mentioned before, a little too careless around corners. I think a simple fix is that when the AI recognizes a corner it takes cover on the corner and peeks before it moves. I hate to say it, but I'd love to see a 'check corner' command for the AI like there is in Lock Down when you open the cross-com menu when your cursor is near a corner. 3) another AI movement thing I'd love to see is able to bind AI's together. The AI moves very intelligently forward covering each other, but I'd love to see the ability to do 2+2 bounding overwatch. Basically bind AI #1 to myself and bind #2 and #3 together. I move forward 10-20ft and #1 sticks with me covering angles. Then I give just #2 a move order and #3 being bound to #2 moves with him. This combined with the 'check corner' command above would really quash any small issues I have with the AI. 4) maybe a 'flank left' and 'flank right' command to the cross com menu. Would go hand in hand with the 2+2 binding of movement. Much like the move or cover command, where I put my reticle is used as a point of reference for the command. Give my teammates a flank command and they will move to a flanking position of where ever I put my reticle. If commands like this are included in GRAW2 I think it would be as close to perfect of a squad game that I can think of.
  3. any update on this one? I'd love to have a AMR version of a rifle instead of the bolt .50 as the only sniper option.
  4. I have the download version. So far I have no problem just playing with the 1.21 version since I don't really go online.
  5. only get this error w/ 1.30. -1.21 it works fine
  6. when I installed the mod I go this error: Crash in application version: grpcrc1.30 data\lib\setups\setup.dsf(-1): cant find member: order_manager in type <Statsblock:global> SCRIPT STACK data\levels\mission01\mission01.dsf(0) not sure where to start to problem solve this.
  7. decided to start the campaign over with your mod, but the 1st mission will not load now and I get this error mesage: Crash in application version: grpcrc1.21 data\lib\setups\setup.dsf(-1): cant find member: deathcam_manager in type <Statsblock:global> SCRIPT STACK data\levels\mission01\mission01.dsf(0) disregard, installed the mod and all is good.
  8. I think the problem is a fundimental one with all shooters that try to be 'realistic'. The simple fact is that playing on a computer you lack the very real 'fear for life' effect that would come in a real fire fight. The problem with expanding reticles, etc is that they are inherently less accurate than aiming a real weapon in real life. The difference is when you value your life you don't take the time to get a perfect sight picture in combat. It's a hard problem that I personally don't know how to fix outright. I am a SP player myself and nothing frustrates me more than a unrealistically innaccurate firearm that was created with MP 'balance' in mind. My playing style is that I like to use cover and suppressive fire, etc because that's what is fun for me. The problem is that the reflex player that can snap shoot with a mouse like crazy would find the gameplay too easy. Personally I think a good suppression model makes a huge difference. No game has touched Red Orchestra in this matter. The screen shake and blurr from close fire gives you a major sense of incoming fire that no other game can touch. Personally I think that's the way that tactical shooters should go.
  9. any update? So far these seem to be the skins I'm waiting for.
  10. Just a question for people that are familiar with the AI files. Would there be anyway to bind 2 AI teammates together? ie when I order squadmate 2, 3 follows him always with the same command? I would lose some fine individual control, but would make moving around the evironment much more organic with 2-2 man teams.
  11. a subsonic .223 round would be next to useless. The round's potential is based off of it's high velocity. Remove the velocity and you have a very small, low powered round that would have crap ballistics. Considering how the SF community is moving towards the 6.8mm round because of the disappointing ballistics of the .223, I kinda doubt that even if it's available they would choose to use a subsonic .223. If a silent round was needed a suppressed .45ACP UMP would be a much more logical choice. A big heavy .45 round that is already subsonic (unless it's a really hot load) would hit a lot harder than a .223. As for rounds passing by, I still think Red Orchestra still does it best causing your FPV to blur and shake from close rounds. You feel suppressed in that game, which no other has mimicked.
  12. The one thing I would love to be able to do is create 2-2 man teams. Right now I've found it a lot easier to move around the environment with having squadmate 1 set to follow on me, then ordering 2 and 3 to move to an overwatch position. What I would love to do to streamline the orders, so instead of having to send 2 orders to move 2 and 3, I'd love to set 3 to follow 2, then just order 2 around. Basically have a A and B team because right now it's a pain to issue the cover order x2 for my B squad to have them cover an area.
  13. nice, now if you could only add boonie hats it would be perfect
  14. Oh....yeah....of course! Well, my testers will soon get the Version 1.3 and if everything turns out to be fine, I'll make it public while I'm working on other NEW features!
  15. how's it coming? I've been holding off continueing the campaign while I wait for this.
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