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  1. if you mean older games like summit strike i use 480p for that as it removes the letterbox around the screen ,i have noticed SS looks slightly better than before but then again i didnt have an lcdhdtv before the 360 on a completely diffrent topic ,do you play call of duty2 deathmatch? online
  2. nice to see plenty of ventalation around the 360 BRAIN
  3. binoculars will they be implemented in the game? or are we going down the summit strike route again
  4. all some of us people would have liked would have been a major overhaul of the [Ghost Recon] but its very unlikely,anyway
  5. the pc version of [GR] was far superior to the console versions but and this is a big but the xbox was greatly playable on xboxlive and still is
  6. wow the SLR standard british army issue in the 80's
  7. how can you hide form the bot drones ,like stay still or lie down
  8. hmm how about this then if the weight affects the corner peek speed then a heavier gun would have more damage if a target is hit first time but leaves the player exposed for longer thus giving a slight disability.then a player with a lighter gun say mp5k (speculation i dont know the exact weapons) then the player could peek faster but would need more rounds to compensate for this extra ability . ok anyone following my idea nice thread by the way
  9. you need an international drivers licence first
  10. why have ghost recon devs not included bayonets on the weapons ? even on a modern battlefield these are still used linky as you can see bayonets never went off the modern battlefield the g36 has a connector for this
  11. whilst im not beeing ungrateful for the new maps(anythings good for free) i feel that only one original map is not much to talk about .surely the recon devs have lots of spare maps they dont need and could release them anyway ,even if they arent that good .i would be happy with an large open field with a forest either end for sniping and close range combat ,sometimes i think the game tries to cram too much into one level . the weapons and new gamemodes do add a nice longevity to the game though
  12. i find the emulated games a lot darker on the 360 than there original counterparts and the letterboxed window in ss is totally annoying
  13. right heres my problem ive got the latest emulator on the 360 and the game boots up perfect then i goto sign in on xboxlive and it says i need an additional patch, the problem is the link it sends me too is broken .(im playing uk pal version) but my friends in the usa download link works fine. anybody in the recon community have links with microsoft so they can sort this little problem out ?as all it is is a broken link
  14. gr2 the best???? gr1 was the best and still is even if the graphics are now poor by todays standards
  15. im interested in a smart joyfrag adapter for the xbox ,can anybody give me some feedback about how well it works (for playing ghost recon of course) thanks smartfrag adapter wouldnt this be nice if it worked GAMERTAG:audiolab
  16. try and host your own and maybe some like minded people will join you .you probably joined clan matches
  17. playing the pc version right now and it is the most tense atmospheric shooter ive ever played and the graphics are actually quite detailed if youve got twenty five quid spare i would recommend it .
  18. for the pc ahhh the xbox version put back to 7th october
  19. put a picture of a big gun on the box ,that would be nice
  20. rainbow six lockdown hasnt got third person and it works well and is a quite good single player experience ,so why in ghost recon2?
  21. ahh theyve put it back until the 30th damn im not happy now
  22. i know only done it today ill remedy it was grabbed from dvd
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