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  1. I think you answered your own question. When a demo date is announced, that is when I will be able to say anything about a demo date. ← stop teasing us serellan
  2. thanks like i said with the demo rumours etc its been a funny 24 hours
  3. im not doubting you but can serellan confirm this aswell? yesterdays rumours have got me spinning more than a politicians promises
  4. the internet imformation and misinformation
  5. thanks for the dictionary quote see you guys in recon 3 but in first person only
  6. thats the beauty of it you could use kb/mouse to control movement but what if you could use the helmet to control the soldiers vision within the limits of the neck .ill get my coat why dont we just join the regular army that would be lifelike
  7. ill be buying both because i know the pc guys play a meaner more tactical game but i hope my pc is up to the task
  8. the only thing that would work for the purists would be this" a very expensive VR helmet with mercury switches to feel the head movement etc" now wouldnt that be awesome and i for sure would buy it A VR SITE this is the tip of the iceberg and our children will be playing it
  9. In the first recon you had to unlock all the best weapons by beating the campaigns bonus objectives to use in multiplayer or quick missions.My question is :Are special weapons going to be locked until beating the game or are they available from the outset in multiplayer games? I really hope you have to unlock them ,gives the game a real replay value IMO
  10. OTS VIEW =CHEATING in my point of view .people hiding behind rocks in summit strike and still being able to see behind the rock is cheating and takes all the skill out of the game . if you like the view fine anyway i had my moan happy camping
  11. will there be downloadable content for the game in the future.if the maps take a lot of man hours I would pay a small fee on marketplace to download .What does anyone else think? good idea? that way ghost recon av could have a longevity to outlast the console itself. edited:looking in search serellan states more downloads for nicaragua campaign,is this just coop maps or multiplayer team etc?
  12. just watched the awesome gametrailers single player preview video and saw one of the ghost's performing a knee slide to a wall corner and thought OMG .the drops look cool also reminding me of ghost recon 1 speed drops ,what i would like to know are these moves useable in multiplayer maps ? because i heard a rumour the corner peeks did not make it in.
  13. recon 1 maps(village etc) huge recon 2 maps smaller(bunkers etc)
  14. i cant wait for a game of siege on this,anybody know if the maps are small contained affairs or real large maps? i like big maps
  15. awesome i cant wait for the demo on the live marketplace.anyone know if its single player or a multi demo?
  16. TSOAF to me was a nice ghost recon type game which never caught on why?
  17. high wycombe in between oxford and london on the m40 motorway
  18. spawnkilling is pointless .thats why i play lms or the king of games =SIEGE as for spawnkilling in summit strike it is impossible to spawn up and survive when people camp your spawns with a support weapon because it takes that long to pick your weapon again your dead already. at least in ghost recon 1 you could shoot the instant you spawned up .
  19. it would be very nice if there was a map editor for this game ,but then..........nevermind
  20. i do hope the server can turn of all the targeting reticule clutter ,red triangles ,people with green outlines whats all that about
  21. hmm sounds like people want nice and shiny plastic graphics a la halo or pdz, all we should be interested in are the bullet physics for each rifle/pistol being as accurate as real life counterparts,i play ghost recon 1 on my pc nearly every day for fun the graphics are real old but the bullet physics are the best in any game out there (people will agree with me on this) so as long as graw plays sharp i dont care for flashy pumped up visuals
  22. simple questions ,binoculars and going through doors into buildings(which with the 360's power should not be too hard)
  23. audiolab

    panzer elite

    just played pc demo of this looks pretty good from all accounts ,i hope they make a 360 versionhere
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