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  1. freakazoid what type of achievement is locate the football /take the football?? it states last played online never strange that!!!!!!!
  2. thats more like it questions only a ghost recon pc fan would know!!!!
  3. youll love the live side and if you could probably hook up with most guys in console forum for a match anyway .when you get it send me a friend request for a game of SIEGE
  4. custom gamercards this really nice site gives you a gamercard generator with a twist if you register (free of course) it gives you the option to create a custom gamercard like mine below anyway i hope my sigs not too big or rocky will beat me with rhubarb
  5. hey that looked a really fun day out,bet it was cold playing recon though ,looks freezing
  6. a couple of happy xbox 360 players at comic.com event the lucky people some nice if grainy videos
  7. carefully opening the box ,mm smell the newness of the user manual ,insert disk and sit through the loaders and stuff(normally try to jump that stuff) and ill probably read the manual from end to end to avoid noobness in multiplayer oh and training first
  8. you people should make the switch to the new ie browser .i used to swear by firefox but the load time on broadband are outstanding linky [Merged into existing thread - Please check before posting]
  9. hope to see some news on todays paintball event in uk
  10. i think so and u wont have red dots on map either. ← night visions out ,but the red dots are well and truly in the map screen ,very nice maps by the way
  11. night vision not working just a black screen ....or is it supposed to be inactive ?? seeing as its set in vietnam war
  12. my night vision doesnt work (just a black screen). is this supposed to be that way? as its set in vietnam war
  13. i thought you had to unlock coop after single player?
  14. CARS=Bad hiding places ,nice video im going to stay clear of the cars in multi
  15. im getting both versions so i can play all time when kids are watching tv
  16. colin tell ubisoft that the question are to easy
  17. why 2 disks one for multi and the other for single player its gotta be fake right?
  19. seeing as ghost recon is huge why dont they release a board game ,dammit ive landed on the spawn kill square
  20. hmm a tshirt would be nice whens the quiz start colin?
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