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  1. i wonder if the devs can give us a hint on the firehawk project (probably top secret though) and this Ninja Turtles (PS3, Xbox 360, Nintendo Revolution, PC, handheld) - Spring 2007 no thanks
  2. ubisoft releases what is tom clancy's firehawk sounds interesting i wonder if this is the name of his new book release hmm
  3. yes but sometimes it just kicks everyone at the begining of the next round though
  4. what about a standalone sniper and spotter type game, highly covert and huge sprawling countryside ,whilst the enemies are hunting you with helicopters ,hunting dogs and counter snipers
  5. please dont compare GRAW to cod2 or even PDZ ,this game is in a different league completely
  6. GRAW is truly a masterpiece but whats the next recon installment going to be??
  7. You got the game :Now whats your favorite Multiplayer Map?
  8. looks similar to when the screen shakes when you stray to far out of mission area
  9. Awesome, those crosshairs had me concerned I hope the crosshairs still serve as an accurate judgement of your accuracy though. By that I mean all your bullets should fall within the spread of your crosshairs. ← most kills in this game are more long distance than upclose so the scope is used a lot more
  10. SPIDERMANG??!!! LOL, I used to pla with him and Pit Viper and all those guys back on Old GR...thats awesome. All those guys still hang together? I saw Goodnu 27 on GR2:SS about a month ago. ← thats awesome man yep "spidermang,THE PIT VIPER,bobegnops and ethiopian ,and truelemmywinks(aka shiny nuts ) " they all still playing .havent seen goodnu since recon 1 how is he? anyway spider and pit are getting this tommorow i think, so well be playing a lot anyway hook us up with a friends request audiolab
  11. UPDATE anybody thinking support weapons mean more kills are in for a big disappointment the reticule spread of these weapons is absolutely huge ,so as in reality the support weapon is being use to pin down opponents with a large volume of rounds rather than being accurate
  12. i tried first person and its ok ,now they got rid of rock peekers it isnt an issue anymore. the only issue ive got is when you think your hidden in grass your not from a distance but im not bothered about that .the game pays you to be a camper/spotter, run and gunners will get nailed in this game (thank god) and believe me ten minutes in a match isnt long enough anymore
  13. the game is very strategic with team using the uav's as spotters but sometimes it gets upclose and personal
  14. i can say they are less accurate for run and gunners this truly is a more tactical experience than summit strike and if your worried about the graphics dont be they are mindblowing
  15. thats a shame fellas ,i ordered mine directly from ubisoft online and it come this morning in uk via fed ex 7/3/06 anyway look forward to playing with you only two more days feel free to send me a friends request as my friend SPIDERMANG hosts a full room of 16 people NO lag
  16. killer Boo could you do me a quick favour and see if you can turn off background noise/music in the sound options thanks
  17. what i liked in ghost recon 1 was the ability to turn off the background noise (like the wind and the famous dog bark in creekbed ) ghost recon 2 there was no option for this ,so what i would like to know can you turn the backround noise off in GRAW
  18. dev diary 4 my favorite quote is this" Of course, we have a great bunch of really knowledgeable fans, who have no problem letting us know what they want in a game, and we work hard to give that to them." funny i didnt get binoculars thanks to rocky for the link on the news page
  19. ill only be playing PC... ← are they going to be using the exisiting ubi lobbies? or gamespy
  20. im getting both, the pc version for when my kids are watching the tv
  21. is anybody else having problems with the desk com thingy all it does is try to log on and say news unavailable at this time ,ive tried uninstalling it ,rebooting and trying again to no avail.something tells me it could be a problem at ubi's end
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