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  1. Love the new multiplayer map whilst playing solo i felt like i was playing swamp airfield in island thunder
  2. quick question did you lucky blighters get to play EMBASSY MAP? in multi
  3. hmm 9/10 i feel this instalments mutiplayer is more like original recon IMO i only play first person ,the only thing like the others have said is the guns feel to me too accurate ,the famas is devestating but doesnt seem to have any spread to it even at longer ranges
  4. here his post ps you may need to register to use xbox.com
  5. keeps saying i already played today even though i havent played it for 3 days
  6. whilst not denying he was a tyrant and a maniac ,one thing about iraq when he was in power there was NO terrorism in iraq . just terror but as always in all societies there will be bad apples who try to overthrow regimes ,but saddams response was completely OTT. just try to overthrow your own government .(hypothetically speaking).... and youll see in the west it isnt possible so if you believe in propaganda our countries spin us fine but just remember one thing when iraq were at war with iran they were using chemical weapons daily against one another and the world stood back and did absolutely nothing . i believe its because we sold it to them read this also this
  7. that assasins achievment and especially the way you get it sounds like an internet virus
  8. ghost recon 1/grit xbox1 is where the hardcore players are these days
  9. a quick patch would easily fix this
  10. PC is for spread sheets and email..... Xbox360 is a gaming machine...... Don't know the real answer...sorry...I just get very frustrated when PC gaming....I am like a retarded monkey with a mouse and keyboard...!!! if thats the case why dont they release more simulator games then
  11. IMO the whole ethos of the way that Microsoft seems to think what us gamers want is flawed. IM 35 years old and have no interest in playing arcadey shooters(do people enjoy playing 10 minute games?) ,why dont they make some decent simulators .ie a tank sim tank,plane sim,or even a sub simhere as the graphics of the 360 would come in really handy.But as usual, i Have to keep upgrading an already defunkt PC .when the 360 is fit for this purpose (i suppose thats why i only play OVER G)
  12. why not just make ghost recon 1 albeit with updated graphics as there was nothing wrong with the original
  13. heres my idea for a patch for the single player campaign ,as you all know it soon gets boring playing level after level when you know where the enemy is every time .how about making it so every time you play the enemies have spawned in completely random places and numbers (within reason) and the ability to switch this option off/on before play
  14. xbox live is down for upgrades today
  15. forget bird flu ,the mosquito is the biggest killer In much of the world, mosquitoes are a major public health problem; they are estimated to transmit disease to more than 700 million people annually, and will be responsible for the deaths of about one in 17 people currently alive
  16. link one thing that bothers me about this game is its about Operation Market Garden.which as we all know was a complete military failure.hmm
  17. this has nothing to do with graw ,my last xbox360 died after playing ridge racer ,i just think certain games stress the components more,and if they have weak components these powerful games will break them IMO,so poor manufacturing is to blame (the first batch of 360 would have been rushed to the point of insanity making me believe that they put them out without a proper stress test)
  18. Now that ive played it non stop for a couple of weeks i can say im well and truly bored with this game,something of which i never got playing ghost recon1/IT .this game has no longevity whatsoever hopefully the pc version might be better ??
  19. erm your righting this post on a pc obviously, buy the pc version ,because i am
  20. how about future multi maps including the ability to hide/snipe from/at your enemies ,because all the maps right now are run and gunners style,what i really liked about ghost recon 1 was the camouflage used to blend in with the bushes
  21. and ill say again more maps ,even better remakes of the old ghost recon maps ,creekbed ,stronghold,embassy,village,etc. i think i speak for all the recon players here
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