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  1. this redhorse stuff gets deeper this has got to be the thread of 2007
  2. remember my old post hmmmm and that was just over 1 year ago
  3. it still wont play hddvds so why bother
  4. thats why graw needs a controller sensitivity option
  5. [Ghost Recon] and Ghost Recon Island Thunder do not have voice comms when you play on the 360. It is not the "press white button to talk" aspect either. Communicaiton simply does not work when you try to play those games on a 360. They are backwards compatible...but have that feature missing. good job i kept the old black beast xbox isnt it hey ick what i really meant is yeahh the graphics on the 360 are top notch but somehow the gameplay of the original is missing ,played a couple of multis last night and can say i had a blast .........ghost recon1 the original and still the best one thing ive noticed about the original especially on embassy is the graphics look photorealistic as if somebodys pasted pictures to the buildings this felt more real than the 360 version .dont ask me how
  6. ive seen the light and realised that GRAW 1 and 2 simply dont live up to recon 1 so im going to start playing recon1 again ....xbox360 =good graphics +###### games
  7. i cant believe the old adage from ghost recon 1 xbox when the host used to say "no talking during the load" is still alive and kicking nearly 4 years on anyway methinks a high ping issue is to blame for getting dropped and maybe as youve said talking in the load lags out the connections
  8. i wonder if ubisoft will do one of the tactics planning programs for graw 2
  9. i say keep xboxlive insulated from the pc's ..before i get flamed pc's are ok but with all the different setups of pc's and the fact that xboxlive requires a minumum bandwith requirement it concerns me that inferior internet connections will clog the system
  10. Yeah cuz there are no WW2 games out there
  11. how about they scrap the advanced warfighter keep the engine and set it in the eastern front WW2 style. apart from the weapons change keep it the same
  12. hmm something stinks to high heaven if you look at the leaderboards for quick missions and select "youll be inserted solo" the top slot ,the gamertag RUD3BOY and look at his mission stats you will see that for the number of times team mates wounded is 6 but seeing as this level is solo .it just doesnt add up
  13. ah rain takes me back to island thunder
  14. code for the Famas in quick mission Famas Code Here seeing as i preordered directly from ubisoft i feel like i have every right to this please let me know if you are successful i blatantly copied and pasted this below To get your exclusive weapon use GRAW2QUICKFAMAS as the campaigns name. The weapon is only available in Quick Missions Mode. Using the code will grant access to the FAMAS, a 30 round 5.56mm weapon with 3x optics and selective semi, burst or full 900 round shooting capabilities!
  15. dont forget the quick missions to play ....try your best to get to the top of the leaderboards
  16. sorry that would be my fault and nobody elses
  17. yeh yeh i know but i feel ready for another installment right now but any ideas for a theatre of battle in GRAW Afghanistan would be nice albeit pretty bare and desolate it would make for some long range sniping action
  18. touchy them mexicans are ..tell you what ubisoft make your next recon on mars,oh im sorry we might offend the martians .these people need to take a reality check
  19. these people use these situations for publicity for themselves ,,,maybe theres an election coming up
  20. youve got to admit though even while in crouched position does your soldier seem to sprint .all im saying with all the kit on a soldier would have to be an olympian to run none stop from one side of the map to the other even through knee deep water.anyway another thing ive noticed is while aiming fully zoomed there seems to be a slight step in the aim so your crosshairs may go too far or not far enough but never slowly into centre .stepped?? thats why i feel the need for controller calibration and sensitivity options
  21. is it me or do all the soldiers zip around the map like they are running a marathon and with the kit they are carrying i highly doubt it. what about a patch that allows the host to slow the characters down to a respectable pace "it feels like arcade mode is on" ,also i would like to see a joystick sensitivity adjuster because right now the controller stick is a bit too fast one other thing playing a map with overcast weather makes it seem like were playing underwater
  22. how i miss going in the bank and shooting out the skylights but i see the old dumpsters are still in there original places in the alley ,overall though im impressed
  23. on ubi's website preorders from game get an exclusive weapon why dont ubi shop orders get this seeing as they are first in the foodchain???? i know its a question for ubi...... but seeing as this forum is no1 free weapon
  24. did you get any screenshots of play or videos?
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