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  1. nice maps when you releasing betas?
  2. got to get one of those looks awseome
  3. ok sorry bout using that word
  4. gamespy ****** **** Moderator edit for offensive language (see rule 3.8) ***
  5. is it correct its first person again (albeit with gun view)? damn i hope so .ghost recon 2 for me was spoilt by the 3rd person feature ,encouraging people to camp around rocks and see higher ,seems they have arcaded the gameplay .anyway im staying true to the game and will see if anyones still playing ghost recon1/island thunder
  6. this game rocks anyway what i would like to see as a download are more uniforms from other armies especially the swiss army 'minestrone pattern' that would be neat
  7. nothing more ###### me off right now than the people who have put a ps2 version up on a site that I will refrain from mentioning by name. it isnt even released yet Moderator Edit: Please do not mention warez sites by name. It only encourages those who would use them.
  8. anybody got an idea when the uk release date is? ubisoft uk seem to think 26 but cant confirm
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