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  1. I quite often see a "nemon" playing GRAW multiplayer, don't know if it is the same guy or not though. It wasn't me. Were they cheating or something?
  2. That's fantastic, i had no idea. Being mentioned atall is an honor. I can't thank GRIN enough. Awesome!
  3. Well yes if it has to be on a per mission file basis that's easy todo. It's only about 5 lines of code and overriding the mod files in the bundle is easy with the local folder dealy. Just pop the modded mission script in the local mod folder and it works fine. What i actually meant was that the camera would tilt, rotate and aim as it does already. Im not sure that the aim mechanics for third person can be modded outside of just the camera distance and angle.
  4. Mods should all be in a single mod folder. Mod bundles should contain an XML file in the root of the bundle with the mods name, version, author and other pertinent info. The game should load all mod bundles "config.xml" file letting you choose in game which mods to enable. Enabled mods should be in a second list of active mods and allow you to adjust each mods priority. Mods with a higher priority would override same modded files from other lower rights mods. Ofcourse if a lower mod requires a file modded and a high ranked mod undoes its modification, it can break the game, but there you have incompatible mods. When playing multiplayer only mods that are enabled on the server should be loaded... Oh, autodownload of missing server mods and HTTP redirct would be a bonus.
  5. I have a feeling that might be the only way to run in 3rd person mode. Tweaks to camera position and angle might be possible but i susspect it will only work the same way.
  6. I made another video to better illustrate the 3rd person mode. I wasn't going to bother uploading this but it apears i uploaded it anyway so i may aswell post it. http://nemon.myby.co.uk/GRAW_ThirdPerson2.wmv
  7. http://nemon.myby.co.uk/GRAW_ThirdPerson.wmv The camera might not be in the right position, i think Vth_F_Smith is working on that.
  8. Stuck on a GUI. DSF files are source files.
  9. Dont get too excited, it's just the same editor already available but enabled via the menu. So i think i've got a handle on how the scripts interact with the UI now. Neat system too.
  10. I think i can pretty much decompile and mod any script in the game now. There are a few quirks that need manual fixing but its a 2min job. Im gonna play with menu code now.
  11. First working script mod. Yea i know its not exactly the best mod ever but it is working on a 1.5K line script which required only 1 line of manual editing to work.
  12. GRAW will compile on the fly. Decompiling uses some techniques used in compilers, but i really dont want to write a compiler aswell..... All i've done is applied techniques pionered by others. I've had to do alot of research, i spent the most part of the last 2 weeks reading a dissertation and i just aint that smart. If anyone's interested, i used alot of work done by Cristina Cifuentes (the woman is a god damn genius), Lutz Roeder's .NET decompiler and a few bits of info on Java decompilers. Most of my code for the CFG(Control Flow Graph) analysis is based on GPLed source by Cristina Cifuentes thesis. One thing that makes this especially interesting is that i dont know the complete language syntax. I have to guess what opcodes are in source, which can be quite fun.
  13. There are only a couple of problems that i can identify atm. Ternary operator, i dont know the syntax and it decompiles gookey but can be easily identified and corrected by hand so i'll probably leave that as it is.
  14. I've spent the last week or two doing nothing but working on a DXE decompiler and today i'm close to being able to decompile any of the DXE files with only minor issues. The deal is this, i can't publish my app because it uses some GPLed code and as such i would need to distribute source with binary. I dont want to distribute source unless i'm happy people wont point and laugh while reading it. I dont think i can legaly distribute dxe reversed source files either but would like some feedback from the GRIN or someone in the know. I cant even begin to describe how complicated decompilers are. I started the project thinking it would only take a couple of days but now realize just how mind bending and challenging decompilers really are, even for simple scripting languages.
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