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  1. No, been busy lately, with school etc.
  2. nikita herself has the answer, no , I didnt.. busy with school ... exams and stuff waiting for some new models too
  3. here I go.. Name: Marileen Date of Birth: 29-06-87 Location: Netherlands Occupation: School Romance Status: Single Image: I'm gonna have to think about this Favorite Aspect of GR: Teamwork Least Favorite Aspect of GR: Run and Gun-ers on UBI Favorite GR Mod: Erm.. dunno Favorite Ghost: Susan Grey Favorite Kit: Anything that kills tangos Favorite Aspect of GR.net: Lots of (nice) ppl Least Favorite Aspect of GR.net: Nothing yet When did you first visit GR.net: September '04 Other computer games played: Sims 2 Clan membership: Not clan, group! ::: PXS (phoenixsoldiers)
  4. 7/10 looks nice tough I am not able to see what that thingy on the left side is.. might be my bad
  5. What? ← I've done this tutorial, I learned to add a '?' before every message (displaymessagboxall, declaremissioncomplete, declaremissionfailed etc.) And I've been using that for all my missions. pls correct me if I am wrong
  6. okay, might have been my bad then. Do you want the actor to commit suicide when one of the AI GR actors, the ones you can add in IGOR, comes near that zone or one of your Ghosts (could be AI or other ppl when ur playing multiplayer) ? Do you have msn? Would be easier to explain, if you do, mine is in my profile.
  7. Group: <Default> Comment: Init Trigger Event: The simulation is starting. Responses: Set PlayerPlatoon to (The player-controlled platoon). Group: <Default> Comment: Commit Suicide Trigger Event: A member of PlayerPlatoon is within 20 meter(s) of Actor 85. Responses: Have Actor 85 commit suicide. Display "?Your Message" to all players for 20 second(s). your message has to start with a ?
  8. what got me interested in skinning for ghost recon.. Skinning part: well I like being creative, and it makes me feel good when I'm able to share my creativity with other ppl. Just like with scripting missions, even though thats a little more frustrating I also like making websites, I got my own, and messing around with photoshop and my digital camera. Ghost Recon part: that's a loooong story I have a test week this week , so I'll have to let this rest for a few days. Thanks for the comments/suggestions/opinions so far. (keep em comming )
  9. did you start ur message with '?' ?blablabla and ur sure the target died?
  10. issues fixed, but I will think about those missions and about ur suggestion hoak
  11. Make an Actor somewhere After that go to your script and set a variable to the player controlled platoon, (1st block:: you'll have to use 'Proximity Platoon' (player platoon xx meter away from actor 85) as your trigger and 'kill actor' as your response. 2nd block:: use 'death actor' as your trigger and 'declare mission failed' as response. hope this is what you meant.
  12. I think I've pretty much finished these two, I'll look into the jungle skin and maybe an urban/cqb skin.
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