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  1. This game's really sparking my interest, but possibly for reasons the obvious reasons. For someone who first cut their teeth on Rainbow Six and Rogue Spear, this gives me hope. For those who played or know the evolution, the series eventually switched to Urban Operations where the environment became a little more outdoorsy. A year or two later saw the dawn of the original ghost recon...
  2. Looking forward to this, was happy to wait for some bug squashing. I loved RDR, one of my top 5 games ever, so this has been a long wait.
  3. I'm doing a playthrough of DS at the moment, might do p2 next. Never finished it, it was an epic.
  4. Ah damn, I just saw the news about Migryder, RIP mate, a legend of GR. Y'all take care of yourselves guys, don't want to see anymore news like this in a hurry.
  5. I think this one will sting. Historically players just bought the games and paid the price. This time round, it sounds like Ubi is wearing the costs. Lesson learned for all perhaps. Give the players what they want. Players, don't settle for average.
  6. Wow! Rocky not happy speaks volumes, says it all in fact.
  7. I might finally purchase a console at ps5, but for now, PC only.
  8. I'm gonna spend my coin on RDR2 on PC instead of BP. Absolutely loved RDR, right up there with my love of OGR.
  9. Not taking itself seriously. That is on point. GR was white knuckle gaming where every move could be your last. It was as serious as it could get. That's definitely been lost in this new series. At least we still got the original.
  10. It's disappointing when a young generation of Devs come in and just don't understand some of the foundational elements of the games.
  11. Check out the board games of today, vastly different to the old ones we used to play. Many of them are as fun and strategic as any coop or pvp you'd ever play. They've come a looong way.
  12. Hehe from time to time. Addicted to rock climbing these days so not much time for games these days. Also discovering board games which are a great social event.
  13. I'm watching a 40 min playthrough of ps version, looks fantastic!
  14. Thought I'd just give a quick update that my current list of missions includes a full Original GR and island thunder campaigns plus three DS missions. I've started replaying some of them in so and having a blast! We'll worth a try if you're looking for some modern day GR.
  15. Showing some of the GR extras, like types of weapons, class of soldiers you can expect to engage, special abilities in each GR class, stealth mode via prone, etc. Looks a lot more interesting now personally. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P_N1NwdgzEs&has_verified=1
  16. What's obvious to me is that this expansion is little more than reskinning a lot of old content, it's like they're not even trying. All the objects look exactly the same. 😄
  17. Love it or hate it, I really appreciate the cinematic experience the cod series usually deliver.
  18. Yeh, I don't have a lot of time for people who moan about games, but don't mod or develop games themselves. If he doesn't like it, he doesn't have to carry on about it, he can just play something else.
  19. Without going off topic, GB failed for me as soon as they said there would be no SP campaign or missions in the foreseeable future. There are hundreds of mp coop games, and GB is just another one, but I like to command my squad of AI. So this is disappointing to say the least.
  20. Really enjoying this, and it's on sale at the moment. It's more than xcom, with a commander element, which requires you to think about a lot more than deploying troops. Also, lots of upgrades can be given to the troops as you progress. I'm already feeling this sense of responsibility to protect them by making good battlefield decisions. And the game gives you a good sense of emersion, like the future of the world hangs on your decisions. Highly recommended!
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