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  1. Well I got the sniper mod to work. All new weapons and such. Thanks for the help with that. Now I just gotta find a supressed sniper rifle. I'm sure there's one out there. IPSCSouthpaw.
  2. Well, I'm up and playing. Finally. Thanks for the warm welcome. I installed everything then did the 1.4 patch. It works great. I just ran through the first mission on the original GR. God I love to snipe. I just wish I had a supressed sniper rifle. I looked through the downloads section under equipment. I found a couple of things related to sniper rifles, like the snipers armoury v1.3. I downloaded and ran it, but when I started my game, nothing. I thought it would be under "mods" in my option screen. Guess not. Anyway, I'll keep looking I guess. Thanks again for the help. IPSCSouthpaw
  3. I rented and played Ghost Recon about a year ago, but my computer at the time was not exactly up to spec, so I didn't bother buying it. Now I've built up a better system, fully capable of running the game. Then I went out and bought Ghost Recon, and the 2 expansion packs, Island and Desert. I haven't installed them yet because I was curious to know if there are any extras that make the game playing experience better. Weapons, camo, various equipment etc etc? I will only be playing in single player mode for now until I get more aqainted with the game play. So the weapons, camo, equipment, etc etc will have to be able to be used in single player mode. I'm not interested in any cheats or hacks or anything. Any help or advice will be much appreciated. IPSCSouthpaw. P.S. Please be specific with any instructions, I'm still getting used to my computer. The old P133 with Win95 was just a little differen't than this one. Thanks.
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