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  1. :'( :'( this is truly the saddest news ive heard this year. your models were some of the best i have ever layed eyes on and it will be truly sad to see you hang up your keyboard :'( :'(
  2. projectile, after looking at your photo album, i just have one thing to say. Damn your good!
  3. projectile, after looking at your photo album, i just have one thing to say. Damn your good
  4. speaking of world war 2, did you know that there was never a formal treaty that ended ww2, and japan never signed one until the 50s
  5. I was just wondering if anyone here plays or knows anyone who plays Dark Omen or Hearts of Iron?
  6. Dan, I hate to catch u on a technicality, but it was actually V.I. Ulyanov. My history was just a bit better.
  7. now that i think about it, the only thing he did was put us on the moon and screw up the bay of pigs, our best chance ever to oust castro
  8. rocky, your right. please send "the boys" and put some respect for John Fitzgerald Kennedy ito thier minds.
  9. i just wondered what u guys thought the best vietnam war mods were. thanks for the input
  10. No offense, but here in America, we have something called the first amendment. That means we can say anything we want!
  11. thats dangerous, look at the safety switch on th bottom pic. or is the safety on, i dont know. never actually seen one of those.
  12. all id want is the latest patch included, like 1.3 was on the gold edition
  13. no, hes just waitin for the book to come out so he can collect on royalties. thanks again chems, i aint forgot u, dawg
  14. its not true. im american, and there is no way i would surrender to the queen. and football is cool
  15. I stand corrected, but it is still THE best action/war/whatever movie
  16. Full Metal Jacket was THE greatest war movie of all time. it was not anti war
  17. Full Metal Jacket, Platoon, Platoon Leader, Hamburger Hill, and Terminator 1 2 and 3
  18. how bout a Belgian with one of thier FN-P90's
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