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  1. Looking good Zee! It's amazing how GR continues to live on so many years later.
  2. Success is critical for communities like Ghost Recon to step up and support.
  3. And proud of it! You should have the militia men downing some good of Texas shiner beers!
  4. Thank you apex for the save. I havent seen the movie yet!!
  5. You are going to make me bust out GR again... Haha. As a native Texan I can't pass this mod up!
  6. I have to admit looking for your review myself rocky.
  7. Thanks. Good news for those running XP. Hopefully they can get the patch within 2 weeks like they said.
  8. Wonder why everyone is abandoning XP? Guess it's because of memory utilization.
  9. It's delayed again or still being released end of June?
  10. GR1 is only "meh" to you now because it's many years later and technology has advanced. Back in the day, I couldn't get enough of it. I mean, can you believe people use to play any games on the Atari? Talk about meh...
  11. GR.net and BFS teamed up to give away a copy of GRFS on steam. Check out the link below for more details! http://www.ghostrecon.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=58938
  12. I'm getting it. Not overly excited but willing to try it out since it has offline co-op.
  13. I know the PS3 version you can walk. The control stick determines the players speed the softer you push the slower you go. You can basically crawl in the PS3 version.
  14. Awesome. I just cant wait to play your mission so get back to work!
  15. Agreed. I think he is going to scale it down some although the point is that this is possible and there are multiple variables.
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