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  1. I think the March Date being seen on the game store sites is a CYA policy as March is the last month of Q1 2005 and a real month sounds better and more definitive for generating pre-orders. Not saying it won't be March, but Ubi is just saying Q1 2005 to the press and the general public alike so I doubt the stores have any additional info...
  2. Please don't listen to the guy working at the game store. I don't know how many times I've walked into game store and was told inaccurate/outdated info on stuff I knew about. And unless the guy at the store went to the recent public demos of GR2 in San Francisco or North Carolina or London UK, or is a beta tester at RSE or Ubi, there's NO way he played GR2 aleady. :no: The official Ubi line is that GR2 PC will be out Q1 2005. That means anywhere from Jan-March 2005. GameSpot is reporting Feb, but I would hope it's later rather than earlier, as the more time they have to work on it, the better. I would be happy if the game came out in May if that meant more time to improve the PC version BTW, all versions of Splinter Cell 3: Chaos Theory are slated to be released simultaneously in March 2005. ← I do know in addition to the events you listed Ubi has held specific manager training events with EB and GameStop in a number of cities where GR2 was played. These of course were not open to the public, so it is possible that this guy played GR2 - i don't know. Not that I agree with his assesment of how it plays having played it myself here in SF and as to the release dates I don't know anymore than has been said already...
  3. Had tried that - on all browsers no less. i can get into the UK version though. Thanks for the help...
  4. why can i not even get on the d**** site...i think it is prejudiced against Mac users in their birthdate script. i have run every browser I have, Safari, Netscape 7.x IE 5.x and keep getting a "null value" error when the javascript tries to redirect grrrrrrrrr
  5. These were supposed to accompnay the article we had over at Xequted.com, but for some reason or another the pics from the event in SF never made it up with the article and wityh the passage of time it seems less likely they will. Since I have yet to see any screens or pics of the weapon-camera view or map posted, I thought you might all appreciate these. Keep in mind they are ot screen grabs, but taken with a dig cam off the tv set while others were playing so quality is on the lower side. But they provide an idea of these 2 elements at least:
  6. From playing GR2 the other week in SF, I would say yes, you do/can move a bit faster - whether you choose to or should is going to be up to you. Seeing IGN get this preview up also cofirms that Ubi/RSE are pretty much right on the schedule as Ubi told us they would be shipping betas for preview within 1-2 weeks of the preview event they held in SF during the World Cyber Games. These betas will only run on MS's developer boxes and getting one of those is on the level of robbing Fort Knox from our experience so the rest of us will have to sit and wait I guess...
  7. my full write up on what i saw/impression is now (finally) ojnline here: http://www.xequted.com/article.php?subacti...5&type=previews some of the shots i took with the dig cam are not posted though and these show the map and XM29(or whatever it is called) cam view - hoping those go up shortly.
  8. grrrrrr was there and want to tell what i saw and things but am restrcited by the site i am writing for and they have not published my writeup yet but I will tell you that MP was shown and played - all i can say for now...
  9. uh-oh - i am gonna get my a** kicked if that is true :'(
  10. Remember to report what how you feel the game is. You can post it here or send a text file to Rocky for posting if you wish. We welcome other opinions on how the game feels and plays. I will be doing an official write up for http://www.xequted.com so I will post a link to my review/write there.
  11. Killer - I am so there since I am just across the bay in Berkeley!
  12. While the command map as we know it in GR1 will not be a part of the game there will be according to RSE and Ubi there will be a map. This map will show the placement of team members, and I believe opfor, much in the same way the current map does. Also, it will includie a grid coordinate system for easy communication which I am very looking forward to for team play.
  13. In the first set of screens poste din this thread I saw, at least for myself, the first screen showing 4 person split screen play. In the shot, it just shows this in the 1st person view. Does anyone know if 4 person split screen will be FP only or if it will have a OTS option? Personally i don't care, as i prefer 1st person and doubt i will ever play 4 people on one screen, but I am trying to settle an argument on another board...
  14. The news page says that GR2 print ads are appearring, and just today i noticed that all the online game stores and news sites have the GR2 cover art posted - and no, the screaming man is not on it. I guess it won't be too long now
  15. yeah - but don't you just need to provide intense pressure to carbon to create diamonds? You do not need nano technology to reaarange the atomic structure(although perhaps that may be the easier route in the future). Artificial diamonds are currentoly produced for industrial and scientific applications as are rubies and some other gem type stones. ok - i'll shut up now and see if this thread gets back around to discussing GR2
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