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  1. Thanks gang! Janie, I was 50 once!
  2. Thought I'd like to post some pics of the progress on my new Bagram Airfield map (inspired by pics of Bagram Airfield, Afghanistan prior to the occupation by US forces). The map features a control tower, two large hangars, several admin, maintenance, and barracks buildings, as well as several battle-damaged structures. The map also features new "wrecked" aircraft, armored and wheeled vehicles courtesy of Worm, Cobaka, and others. Remember - it's a work in progress! Airfield 1 Airfield 2 Airfield 3 Airfield 4 Airfield 5
  3. Don't know about anyone else, but my Symantec Antivirus went nuts when I opened the .rar file. It deleted five or six "*.exe" files that show up in the .rar. Might want to check it out.
  4. It being the map? Sounds like you may be facing multiple problems. My advice is take a look at Papa6's Map Tut. Papa6 Map Tut In this tut you create and texture just an outdoor floor (ground). If you can complete the tut and the results are correct, then all you're settings and paths will be correct. Export this map and make sure the textures show up in GR and that your Ghosts can traverse the map. Then go back to Mike's tut and try again. Start out small and slow.
  5. Make sure you have the "View Texture Map" turned on Link
  6. From the menu: View -> Level Up or Level Down
  7. Rocky - I've uploaded "OPCOM Equipment Mod" to FileFront.
  8. The scenecenter box should be a X=0, Y=0, Z=0 The shemanlevelheight1.0 should be set near the center at Z=0 or below. Also you only need shermanlevelheight1.0 if your map is going to have more than one height level.
  9. Rocky, "AUSR12.exe" has been uploaded to FileFront.
  10. LOL! Nice catch Cobaka. ← Not sure if the ROF really played into it. I experienced all of the above mentioned reverb problems (to include a huge reverb when walking through the water) before ever firing a shot. When I did fire, I had weapon on single shot. Also, the problem seemed to occur (at least for me) on the "rain" map. I also tested the mod on 3 different computers (to see if sound card played into it). It didn’t seem to. But changing the room environment setting did fix the problem. All I have to say is: "Cobaka - Fine maps!" "Armenia Mod Team - A fun mod to play!"
  11. I agree - to a point. I just used the various tutorials available on GR.net and other sites and just dove in. But many of us are not only learning to use a 3d modeling program, but learning the basics 3d modeling and the technical terminology. I had zero experience with anything remotely similar to 3d modeling. I'm a database guy and build data warehouses for a living - but 3d modeling was completely foreign to me. I've found the Max Bible to be a well organized source of reference. And, since it can be found in many bookstores and websites at discounted prices its still not a bad idea to have a copy around.
  12. 3ds max 5 Bible Amazon Link
  13. Same here. It's interesting that this only seems to happen (as far as I can tell) during play on the "rain" lakeside map. I've played the "day" lakeside firefight and it seems to be ok. But the 1st mission in the campaign and the "rain" lakeside firefight both suffer from the same problems.
  14. Blackhawk Down soundtrack - I can listen to it over and over. I think Hans Zimmer is a genius!
  15. Here's a couple of the more recent additions to my toybox. Bushmaster M4 with accessories by EOTech, Wilson Combat, and GG&G Arsenal, Bulgaria AK47 with milled receiver and black polymer stock Ain't life grand!!
  16. Try sending a PM to XE Joker. I think I read somewhere on the forum that he had Wildcat's Wrinkle Texture.
  17. Will this work? Go to the bottom of the page. Wrinkle Templates
  18. Sounds sorta like the "Guarded Forest" map. Guarded Forest
  19. Rocky, The file has been uploaded to FileFront. File name is "Special Ops TRR.exe".
  20. Total Random Respawn I have this mod and can upload if Rocky wants it.
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