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    Waco , Tx
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    Fishing , Racing , Shooting , Chevy Trucks , WW2 & Civil War History , 3D Modeling

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    War of infamy

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  1. Happy 18th to myself and the others
  2. http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fusea...iendID=28707875 < Myspace of one of the guys Ok maybe not the video thats pretty ummm hmmmm
  3. Looking good Love the Dale Earnhardt in the back though
  4. 4th25 - Live from Iraq If any of you guys like Hip hop check these guys out http://www.4th25.com/ Sure is a change from all this Pop hip hop music
  5. TeXaN

    Birthday Game

    "I had babies with WhiteKnight because I hate cheese" I dont like this game anymore
  6. Audioslave - Out of Exhile album Cross Canadian Ragweed - Garage Album
  7. I can get a 40% Discount on paint from Sherwin Williams dickie
  8. Well thats crap if it was in the US I might try and attempt it
  9. 3 cds ( Audioslave , Cross Canadian Ragweed , Gary Allan ) 3 DVDs ( Downfall , Stalingrad , Black Hawk Down ) US Army hoody , hat , and keychain 2 shirts Digital Camera Squirrel Brand Ole-Fashioned Peanuts Texas Hold-Em popcorn bin with playing cards and chips Dallas Cowboys Monopoly Collectors Edition Numerous stocking stuffers Random Civil War and WW2 books including one about the Hitler Youth that I should enjoy reading
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