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  1. I remember it well... I bought it as gifts for some of my friends kids.... so we could play on line. I didn't know it didn't have DRM. Thanks. EDIT... actually I think I bought the kids a different edition of GR... this one https://www.amazon.com/Tom-Clancys-Ghost-Recon-Gold-PC/dp/B00007LVCH So I should stick with the Focus DVD?
  2. I haven't been here for 13 YEARS!!!! Yikes! I haven't played GR since my old Vista PC but when I was working on a PC for an old GR friend... I tried to install it on his Win7 PC... where it didn't work, then on my Win10... where it didn't work. Originally I got an error that I had to run it as Admin... but that didn't work, nor compatibility mode. I just tried renaming that file... with no luck. GR shows as running in task manager but not on screen. Ike.log says ***** User's system configuration ***** CPU: GenuineIntel 3190 MHz Recent Intel RAM: 1024 MB O/S: Microsoft Windows 2000 5.1 Service Pack 2 build 2600 RSOptions: Could not open options file options.xml for reading, using defaults Ghost Recon (RELEASE) version = Since I'm loath to buy GR and the expansion packs at Steam (BTW... do the old mods work in the Steam version?)... any other ideas? So we're talking here using the original disks.... or is "something else" involved? Thanks!
  3. The Vista firewall is disabled and I'm running ZoneAlarm. GR had all the proper permissions. I uninstalled GR and reinstalled disk one. Again it finds the CD and boots as it did last time before I instaled DS. I am able to play the training missions but again the entire PC freezes up when I go in to the multiplayer looby... and the only reason I did was to start a quick game since I haven't gone through the training level. I tried every way I knew to get back into Windows including Alt. The only thing that did anything was starting to shut down the PC. That freed up the Windows cursor while the GR cursor was still frozen. I tried it again and got back to desktop. But GR never unfroze. Maybe I should try it with the firewall off...
  4. I uninstalled GR and reinstalled just disk 1. It found the game CD and I could play the training missions. But whenever I go into the multiplayer game lobby the cursor locks... and I'm unable to get to get back to desk top or even Task Manager to shut GR down. So I'm forced to do a hard shutdown.
  5. Thanks Dannik for the info on the GR patches. So as far as you know GR1 runs fine on Vista32, 64 bit dual core PCs? I'm not sure if I installed a patch out of order... which may now account for GR not being able to find the game CD...
  6. My old XP PC crashed and I had to buy a new AMD 64 bit dual core with Vista32. I installed the first GR disk, and tried to play. I went to multiplayer since quick mission wasn't available. The cursor froze. I had to shut it down in task manager. I tried it in XP-SP2 and ME compatibility modes and from then on it would not even find the game CD to boot!! I've since installed Desert Storm with the same problem. (Doesn't DS have the 1.3 patch?) I'm still looking for the IT disk... but trying to install the 1.4 patch I'm told I need 1.3. Wasn't it supposed to be part of DS? Which reminds me... what's the installation order? From an old ubi.com page: quote: *NOTE* You must have Island Thunder or GR patch 1.3 with Ghost Recon installed first. Players will be REQUIRED to use the GR CD after installing the patch. Previous versions of Ghost Recon will no longer be compatible with version 1.4. And to be on the safe side... does anyone know where I can get the 1.3 patch? THANKS!!!
  7. I didn't mean to suggest I dreamt the SOAF map pack exists... since I have it. Only that given NYR32's comments, maybe I dreamt there was a connection to RSE. But your notes below look familar so perhaps that's where I learned of it.
  8. OK... thanks for the explanation. It's a shame though. As for GR1... I think its demise is greatly exaggerated. As for the SOAF map pack, I thought it was made available by someone with connections to RSE. Maybe I dreamt it. A mind is a terrible thing to.....err.... misplace!
  9. Yikes 994 megs!!!! 3gigs uncompressed? Is this a GR record? What did Doom3 install at... 5 gigs? I can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! New game modes.... any new maps?
  10. It seems you were hoping for moders to extract the maps from the PS2 or XBox editions. I was hoping that someone with connections to RSE could pull a few strings and make those GR2 maps available. As I remember, the screen shots were fantastic. So what's the story behind the SOAF maps again? Rocky... was that you?
  11. I agree.... GR is too great a game to ever fade away. Thankfully RSE had the foresight to make GR open for mods. Just look how ID's decision to do so has kept Doom alive... now about 12 years old. Fans have totally revamped the game with new textures, lighting effects, and 3-D models. I can even import music from the PSX version. All you need is the original game files... about $10 for most. While I'm certainly looking forward to any new GR mods, I guess I see as a troublesome sign the lack of activity here compared to a year ago. Many are gearing up for GRAW. Guess we have to face that. Anyway I'm in for the long haul. My PC is too old to play GRAW... and even when I buy a new one, the big attraction is to have all my friends be able to play on-line. So in the mean time I'm trying to get them interested in IGOR.
  12. I thought the forum was trying to gaslight me... LOL 2 of three times looking at the this forum menu I saw this as the last post to this thread: 10th February 2006 - 03:03 PM Last post by: calius So where is it?
  13. This has probably been posted before... but I seem to have finally become interested in GR mods near the end of the GR lifecycle. Anyway... the RSB PhotoShop filter plug-in that came with Desert Storm... the one that allows you to open .rsb (Red Storm bitmap) images so they can be modified, also works in Adobe PhotoDeluxe... which comes free with most scanners. Actually just about all the plugins that came with PS work in PD. FYI.
  14. Thanks for responding. So if the defend script can generate a defend game on any map... without having to go though the trouble of placing all the enemy forces... can it just be modfied to make the home base selectable? Can that be done? For instance all I really want to do is make the tower in the High Serria map the home base and add a few fixed weapons... and if the defend script can take care of the rest... placement of enemies etc, that'd be great. ON EDIT: EDIT... Getting there. The mission file was able to create the insertion zone which became the base... though there was no smoke. The fixed weapons were also there. Exporting the defend gtf script unmodified to my mods folder seems to have gotten the defend game started.... though I have to access it though the missions menue. Enemies were generated... but they didn't seem to do much. Even on elite I'd kill three or so and a notice would pop up that I won... the enemy was retreating.
  15. Are you saying the selection occurs in IGOR... by some step other than importing one of the defend scripts? Or are you saying I should be able to find it under the defend menu in QuickMission or MP? I have imported both the SP and COOP defend missions and looked for them on the appropriate menus and they don't show up. I've looked for just the generic map name on the defend menu... nothing. What's odd is that there's obviously no defend missions in GR that I can find. So the defend missions have to be totally generated by some script. So why if I try to make my own defend mission do I have to do anything else than chose a base to defend and let the script do the rest? I'll have to try again to open up some of the HX defend missions. ON EDIT: OK... in exporting the script to my mod folder I just came across some new options. I'll have to check out what they do.
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