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  1. jmcdonald: Yeah, I think he killed about 10 with 3 of his M203 rounds, and most of his other hits were head shots on semi (not burst). Crimson: I read that a couple of times, both a while ago, but still fail to understand the game mechanics behind it. Is it something like "If the soldier is shot at with fewer than 20 rounds by the enemy, he cannot receive an award higher than the Bronze Star"...? Has anyone tested this out thoroughly or asked the dev team? Just curious.
  2. Put duct tape on your computer monitor.
  3. Actually, who deserves the medals in Ghost Recon...? I have played "M06 - Castle" several times, and still cannot understand GR's method for awarding medals to soldiers after combat. Almost every mission, my lead soldier racks up 20+ kills, but only receives the Bronze Star. I thought that if you had 20+ kills and took enemy fire, a Silver Star was awarded. Even when he gets 29 kills, enough to conceivably get a Distinguished Service Cross, he still only gets a Bronze Star. And keep in mind these are without cheats, and at times with lots of close-quarters combat or a Purple Heart too... I just don't get it. But just now, I went through the entire mission with one man, leaving the rest in the safety of the drop zone. The rifleman got 34 enemy kills. The other rifleman in his squad was KIA when they both took fire mid-way through the mission. The lead soldier was not hit, but there were definitely some close calls. By all accounts he should have gotten the Medal of Honor... But he only got the Bronze Star. I swear. Have a screenshot to prove it. 162 shots. 32 hits. Hit 19.8%. 34 kills. Decorations: Combat Infantry Badge, Bronze Star. So what coding in the game prevents it from giving me higher than a Bronze Star in this case? In the past, I've gotten Silver Stars, and even one DSC. But never the Medal of Honor (without cheats). Why wasn't I given it on this mission?
  4. First-person weapon-view would be a great addition to the game. It's better to have nothing (e.g. Ranbow Six, Ghost Recon) than to have a poorly drawn arm-and-weapon model (e.g. Return to Castle Wolfenstein). However, when done well (e.g. Flashpoint, America's Army), first-person weapon-view can quickly become an essential element of the game. So if it's going to be done, it needs to be done right!
  5. Since I haven't played GR, GR:IT, or GR:DS, I'm not really in any position to talk. But the below screenshot really looks bad: Why are four enemies, apparently, standing upright in the open and firing? Even in the GR1 demo, a single shot into an enemy patrol will send them scattering for cover behind hills/ boulders/ walls/ bushes, or at least to a prone position. I glanced through all the GR2 screenshots, and it reminded me of that arcade game "Area 51" where the aliens just run back and forth across the screen, seemingly 20 feet away, while you fire at them: Yes, anti-tank and anti-aircraft missiles are a nice addition. But they seem to have become the overriding element of the game. And the graphics look smoother... but I don't think that's a good thing. Maybe it's just the urban setting, but the "more realistic" smooth contours and shadows actually look LESS realistic, considering how gritty and uncertain (i.e. fog of war) battles really are. Check out more here.
  6. I thought you needed to be exposed to a lot of enemy fire, too. I can't count the number of times my point-man has gotten 20+ or 25+ kills, but then only received the Bronze Star. As far as I can tell, you need to be shot at a lot just to get the Silver Star. When I got that DSC, my squad was being shot up at every corner of the map. A couple of times a soldier with more than 20 kills was posthumously awarded the Bronze Star; he was exposed to enemy fire only enough to get killed, but not enough to get a Silver Star.
  7. Awesome, thanks. I don't quite understand the minimum kill counts (as it doesn't work that way in reality) but I can see why it would be needed in a game. Also, I tested out my previous question by cruising through Mission 6 with one guy on "superman" mode, and he did get the Medal of Honor. So now I've seen what they all look like in the game. If anyone can manage to get that award (the MOH) in the single-player without cheating, kudos to them. And if the soldier who received it stayed alive, too, that's gotta be one helluva replay.
  8. I think I'd love the game, but GR doesn't run that well on my computer (P4 1.3 GHz, 128 MB RAM, Win ME) and summer vacation is almost over. However, from what I've seen, GR is one of the best tactical combat games I've played ever. As good as Rainbow Six, Rogue Spear, and Flashpoint 1985 (although Flashpoint was uniquely remarkable for the riveting tank warfare you could experience in multiplayer). There are only two things about GR that really irk me, however: 1) The squad should be at least 8 men and preferably 10; 6 soldiers is too few. 2) Each fire team should be able to have up to 4 soldiers, not 3. Both of those complaints come from Rainbow Six's team arrangement experiences, but I don't see why that would have been too hard for the developers to implement. Maybe this has been discussed before, but it really would have enhanced the game (open map areas make for larger battles). If you've ever played Flashpoint, you understand the sheer intensity of whole platoons in a firefight against each other.
  9. I've been playing the GR Demo (in single-player, it's "Mission 6 - Castle" only) and love the game, although I don't have time to buy/play the full version. Anyways, I've played this mission several times, trying to see what kind of awards I can get for action in battle. I routinely get Bronze Stars, have gotten a handful of Silver Stars (which are hard to get without being posthumous), and today was just able to get my first Distinguished Service Cross (also non-posthumous) for a rifleman with 27 kills. I don't know how he wasn't wounded, but it was such an intense fight I saved the replay. My question is, how hard is it to receive these medals in the regular game? Also, what are your memorable accounts of receiving the Silver Star, DSC, or Medal of Honor for actions on some of the single-player missions? Tell me some stories. Only once have two characters simultaneously received meritorious medals in the same action; both got the Bronze Stars for leading their squads. Do you have any good stories of missions or firefights where the enemy was so numerous that many of your team received medals (other than the Purple Heart)? By the end of the 3rd campaign, how many medals did your most decorated soldiers have? Do you think the game is too stingy, or too liberal, in handing out awards for valor under fire? P.S. Can you receive a medal (Bronze Star, Silver Star, etc.) while using cheat codes?
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