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  1. thank you all ever so much. never before have i read such brilliant replies to a game enquiry. so, with that knowledge in hand, I will advance on the enemy. I will engage that enemy. And by god I will kill that enemy. thanks again mikey b
  2. private parts reporting for duty,sir. hello to all members of the GR forums. i was wondering whether you could help me. i usually play FPS games but wanted something a little different. now anyone can usally point and click to shoot an enemy but GR is a little new to me. i've played Line of Site and games like that but all this map stuff and being in charge of other teams is taking some getting used to. for instance are the little red diamond shapes on the map where the enemy is situated. what i'm trying to ask is this, is there anywhere i can look to see how things are done. i'm so thick you see. i've done the training but where does it prepare you for map reading and the like. i'm even playing it in greenhorn mode, or whatever it is and i'm still not even getting past the first gunman. any help you can give to a sad old fart would be most appreciated. thanks in advance mikey b
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