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  1. Wow wardo you got it down path i see havent been able to work on my skins the ex old lady got my puter but i am getting another one drop me a line ok would like to see more pics
  2. Looking for a good US Army Black Beret with flash for skin mod if you know where i can get one or some body can point me in the right direction that would be great oh yea got some Pics im gonna post soon of my first skin mod Hope ya'll can help
  3. Thanks for the help there RLGnome it works great
  4. Skins atr files chr file its just not reading them when i load the my modds folder its not reading any of the stuff in the folder , it reads my other mods not problem if i load VO custum no problem but mymods folder is a no go so thats where im at stuck like chuck
  5. Guys need a lil help on this one, as it is driving me nuts I have followed the tutes word for word made my skins,( which arent bad) so now im trying to get them in the game and workable to a point that i can offer them up for constructive critism but i cant seem to get GR to read any of the Chr files even if I make them a Spc I cant use them. what am i doing wrong please help any advise is surly appreciated
  6. I see and thanks for the info now i at least have a direction to go, im working on some MP(Military Police) skins right now and after that who knows
  7. OMG that is simply amazing i just sat here and read all 47 pages and all i can say is keep up the good work and im glad i found this site too bad i didnt discover gr til a month ago or i would be right there with ya i saw a shirt like that once but the arrow pointed down lol
  8. Just wandering if there were any way to make a Ghost Jump From a aircraft either in GR2 or IT, DS and if there is, how? if not ,Why? Has any one done a Mp modd yet if the have give me a Holler ok. Im stuck and need a Lil help. if not then when you see the skin on this one please feel free to down load should be done in a few days give or take how work is going MPDaddy "This will be a different kind of conflict against a different kind of enemy. This is a conflict without battlefields or beachheads, a conflict with opponents who believe they are invisible. Yet they are mistaken. They will be exposed, and they will discover what others in the past have learned: Those who make war against the United States have chosen their own destruction." - President George W. Bush September 2001
  9. i dont know about diving but i did see one clip of a guy rolling out from behind a tree i thought thatm was sweet
  10. I,m having trouble trying to add attachment to my new skins I'm really very new to modding Chrs. and would appr. any advise guys, also just a shout out to Ruin ad Chems for some great tutes.keep up the good work , Thanks MPDaddy Just Back from Iraq
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