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  1. I tried to download this mod which has a rank system but the link is somehow messed up or it's not working. Does anyone know the right link to the mod or another way i can get it. thanks
  2. Does anyone know of any patches for the following 3 mods: 1st infantry division (GR) 101st airborne division (DS) joint operations (IT+DS) thanks
  3. whatever happend to the platoon extender mod where you could bring more soldiers in the field?
  4. Hey thanks a lot brotha Jay. Man I'm usless when it comes to recognising these things.
  5. I downloaded the mod and installed it. I replaced the maps in the orgimiss folder. But when I go to start the campaign, i pick my team and start the first mission in the docks but the game just closes down and I come back to windows. Does anyone know how to fix this problem? Maybe it's a patch that I have to download for the 101st? Any help whould be appreciated Thank you in advance!
  6. ok i see the basic membership but there's an error when i try to subscribe. i'll try later.
  7. I remember before that i used to download GR mods for free at warplanet or @war, but now it says i have to log in and it costs over there to log in. Is there any one else who has the same problem or knows a way around this? thanks
  8. Can anyone tell me exactly how many ghosts can you take on a mission with this mod? if it could be a full platoon, that whould be insane!!!
  9. i can't wait for this mod to come out. it's about time a vietnam war mod came around. i will definetly be downloading this one. just one question. what about the enemy an user skins on this, will there be VC and NVA and the ARVN troops? as well as our soldiers and marines?
  10. cuz when i download a .exe file i can install it no proplem but when it's a zip file then when the download is complete it just opens up a notepad document with all these encription codes and that's it. i can't do nothing with it after. do i need to install some software like winzip or somethin?
  11. what's the difference between a mod with the xxxxx.exe format and the xxxxx.zip format?
  12. do you know when theyre gonna be available to download?
  13. Does anyone know if there is a continuation to this mod?
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