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  1. ok, but tell me, is RSB Convertion Utility necessary to create kit icons? I though that plugin is enough for it.
  2. hi, Guys! Could anybody tell me what is alpha channel for? I tried to create my own kit icons and save them with alpha channel but rsbeditor and GR didn't see them. I use 120mb plugin from IT put to photoshop file. Could You explain me step by step how to save correctly kit icons and other rsbs with alpha channel? thanks for that:)
  3. look, in DS there are fewer heroes than in Origmiss. If you want to have more, you may add specialists from Origmiss to d_unlockedheroes.xml and you have Astra Galinsky, Susan Grey and other soldiers. But if you add to this list for example Jodit Haile, this specialist will not be available. Soldiers wear camo from origmiss. Enjoy!
  4. After installing Island Thunder Igor doesn't run. It shows message: ''failed to create empty document''. I use polish version of GR, DS and IT (original, of course). After installing DS Igor runs. But problems start when I add Island Thunder. I tried to check what's wrong - first I removed missions from IT, but igor still didn't run, next I replaced whole MP2 to other file but it did't help Igor. Do you have this problem? How to fix it? I think, that when IT is being installed, there are being added new files to ''data'' in main file (Red Storm Entertainment) and maybe it causes problem, but I had no ability to check this.
  5. how to create mod with new camo available ONLY in this mod? I started to create my own mod (urban fight) with Polish GROM and I added new black camo to character. Finally, when I played this mod, there were available original soldiers from GR and mine. My idea is to create mod only with GROM soldiers. It should be like Origmiss and Desert Siege: another camo in Origmiss, and another camo in DS, NOT THE SAME. I want to avoid mixing my characters with original characers. Could anybody tell me how to do it? And one more question: why in DS there is not file ''Rifleman'' located in file ''Actor''? In my opinion it should be there, because actor chooses textures. Finally, as you know, DS runs without it, but with soldiers in desert camo. First I created file ''Actor'' in my mod with Rifleman and others, but it did not run as I want (GROM was mixed with original soldiers). Maybe I should make about 80 .atr? Please, explaim ne this. Thanks.
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