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  1. Hey Everyone, I just went out tonight and bought GRAW it looks like it will be a great game EXCEPT for a few issues such as when I hit the F key it pulls up my weapons but when I move the mouse track ball nothing happens, (In other words I am unable to change weapons) also I have a 6600 GEFORCE NVIDA and the game runs really bad. I mean I have 256mb card and it is slow. DOOM 2 and Half Life 2 ran great. Is this a patch issue. I am dissapointed so far
  2. Tommorow it will be here, another military based sim!!
  3. I was wondering, I know quite a few people who post to this site have these glasses and opinons vary. I was wondering if anyone here has used them with Operation Flashpoint or VBS1?
  4. Ok... I know I may be preaching to the choir but I have played VBS1 and I will agree that there is no game out there that you can compare it to. Except for maybe OPF but the AI is nowhere near as quick and dangerous Everygame I have played is different and the AI never do exactly the same thing. The graphics are awesome. I will say that it helps if you have good vision because those little AI soldier can be hard to see at several hundred yards I hope that there is a urban mid east mod made soon because a close quarters battle that was scripted properly would be unreal All those who have not played it I feel for them if only they knew what they were missing
  5. I could not afford a 6800 so I went with the 9800 128 pro ati (over my nvidia 5600 ultra)and then went from a 2.4 pentium to a 3200 64bit AMD. I ended up having to get a new case. I also stuck with KT8neo MSI motherboard because those nforce chipsets would only benefit me if I had a nvidia card. (I have always used NVIDIA but this ATI was on sale for dirt cheap and I must save my $$$ I already had a gig of 2700 ddr ram and while I am sure it would be 20% faster to buy a gig of corsair 3200 xms ram, I do not think I will see a $250 dollars difference in performance. ( I hope I have not booted the new beast yet) Especially since I will be broke for a while for just what I have already put into this new rig. All of you guys with the with the 6800 ultras and 3500 AMD processors will see better graphics now doubt but I am willing to bet that this rig will play any game just fine. bottom line is it always comes down to what you can afford to what you can not. There is no way I am paying $450 dollars for a video card that in a year and a half will be $200 dollars and yesterday's news. but if I had the extra cash hmmm.... I might then
  6. that 3400 is a lot more expensive then the 3400 and not much better let me rephrase that, I agree that the 3400 is not better enough than the 3200 to justify the cost. also I do want to jack with ordering online. I want someone I can scream at face to face if I get burned for getting a defective part
  7. well Crimson I have it down to getting the 3200 AMD processor, MSI K8N PLATINUM (they have the nvidaforce3 chipset and not the VIA) and I am getting a gig of the Cosair XMS ddr ram. I have everything else except a video card ( well my 5600 ultra ) I am lucky that someone likes me because this is WAY out of my price range. I work hard and hey I have never had anything that was close to top of the line ever. I am just glad I am at a good time in gaming history because I think this system would last me a couple of years. I have heard by all the test that ATI blows away NVIDIA when it comes to speed,antialiasing, and image. I have heard that for Doom 3 GT 6800 wins over ATI because of the ultrashadow thing. I have also heard that ATI X800 plays older games,Rouge Spear,OPF,GR,GTA, etc way better than 6800 gt. I personally want something that will play everything not just the lastest games that 3400 is a lot more expensive then the 3400 and not much better I am not a fan of overclocking because I have seen people do it and have to buy a new processor so I want something that will work. I feel weird because a week ago this was a dream to have such arig and now thanks to someone who thinks a lot of me I am about to have a real modern high end rig.
  8. I will have to seriously reconsider the 3400 vs the 3200 though if you could overclock the 3200 to the 3400 you could bump up the 3400 to 3600 etc..? Also Crimson, the motherboard you got sounds good but all the stores where I live only sell Asus,gigabyte, Abit and MSI the MSI k8t-neo is the only one available.I it has been given great reviews but i have heard of problems as well Video card wise I have only owned nvidia but I am going to give ati a try because I hear their newer cards work better on older games like OPF. Plus the X800 is cheaper then the GT. I am not paying for it it is a birthday gift. I can't afford this stuff.
  9. Recruit - 3rd Class Group: Members Posts: 23 Joined: 15-August 04 I would get this board with a 3200+ with CG steppings so I could OC it like a champ. what are cg settings? you really don't see the value difference in the 3200 vs 3400? They go up to 3800 now. I am just trying to get a system that will not be a joke in two years.
  10. I would get this board with a 3200+ with CG steppings so I could OC it like a champ. what are cg settings? you really don't see the value difference in the 3200 vs 3400? They go up to 3800 now. I am just trying to get a system that will not be a joke in two years.
  11. Save some cash and get the A64 3200+. Also, with the A64 series, the 3400 is better than the 3200 same series RAM timings have been proven to be next to worthless unless you're building a S939 system. what is a s939system? (Which you arent.) Do yourself a favor and get a gig of PC3200. I think Corsair has some for under $200. I agree Also, dont get a motherboard that uses VIA What is VIA? when they're plenty of cheaper nForce3 boards out there that perform much better. better than what?
  12. well. I have decided as soon as I have the money that I am going to buy the AMD 3400 64 bit processor, msi k8t-neo motherboard, and 512 of corsair high performance ddr ram. Then I will have the foundation for a monster gaming system. I have decided I will then get the ATI X800 pro with 12 pipelines and that should keep me playing games for the next two years at least. this whole purchase here would cost around a $1000 dollars but it would be worth it if I did not get evicted or have my car repossesed
  13. Well I am video card shopping and this place I know sells them and lets you try them out. Well I have a 2.4 gig pentium with a 100mg of ddr ram I bought the 6800 gt and it is using my entire cpu and it locks up. When it did work I ran doom and I saw graphics that I have never seen before on a card. It would not run operation flashpoint and who knows what else. I tried a 9800 pro and thought it was not good enough. compared to my 5600 ultra it rocks. I will stick with cards my system can handle until I have a 3.4 gig cpu and 3 sticks of ddr ram. I also want a card that can play old games not just the ones with great graphics
  14. I am going to buy the AF,Terrain 1&2, SF, amd maybe OPFS, do you have the oppsing forces addon? Wow $450.00 bones for a realistic battle simulation. I tell yall one thing If I had not heard nothing but great reviews, I would never ever contemplate spending this kind of money for a game (I know it is not a game) It is a good thing I am not married, I could not imagine the grief I would get trying to explain this purchase to a woman What I am looking forward to is downloading other missions from fellow users this may end up being the only game I want to play for years to come. I have a friend who has never played GR, OPF,SWAT3, or anything, he has battlefield vietnam and thinks it is cool his jaw will drop when he sees this Has anyone here talked to anyone from Convelesant (whatever their name is ) and asked them WHY those of us in N America can't get USMC or the Replay??
  15. well that is it then I am going to order it this week. If I am can play it on my 2.4 gig machine a gig of ddr ram and a average 128 mg video card with a 56k connection then there is no reason to wait any longer. I will spend a some hours getting familiar with it and then I will post and let you all know when I am ready to join a server. If anyone here wants just send me a email when you are playing and the neccesary information I need to know to join a game (mission whatever) and If I am not working or sleeping I will play with others on this forum I just hope it BLOWS AWAY operation flashpoint because I play it all the time and I am very ready for the NEXT LEVEL IN TACTICAL WAR GAMES!!!!! Do you all play against the computer and do you each command squads like in opf? or do you each command AI squads and play each other? I have only played Rouge Spear and Ghost Recon on Gamespy and I am not familiar with playing OPF on multiplayer or how it is done. I am use to four man teams playing AI or other four man teams
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