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  1. Yeah. [GR] had 6 ROE and not just recon, assault ) Stop, Advance, Advance at all costs... and I remember when you used to say at all costs the guys would go like "At all costs!" Which was cool as hell... Or you could put them on recon "Going quiet," or on normal "Roger" I think they would say, and of course, my favorite, the little plus sign "Weapons free!" and remember typing allyourbase in the cheat console they would go like "all your base are belong to us!" and start throwing frags everywhere? Ah, good times.
  2. That doesn't fly. The Mobile version doesn't have what the PS2 and Xbox360 features, yet it's still featured.
  3. It's a shame, but oh well. I wish I could have my fifty dollars back.
  4. I thought you COULD replay cross com message under the tactical map.
  5. This map just screams for random insert zone. GRIN nerfed the game so much by not including that. Argh.
  6. Make sure to have at least one version with the default skybox because it keeps the classical [GR] feel.
  7. Most servers have a 60 second timer in which the player must select his class or else he will be locked out of the game until the next round.
  8. Biro please please please give us a screenshot of the inside of the castle from one of the walls!!!
  9. Goodness. I played a round with the Tanatos clan yesterday in their server with about 4 other people and man was it exciting and thrilling. Those 5 respawns sure fly by fast! But it was very very fun. I pray to God this mod is picked up by most players.
  10. I've noticed that, and that's the best way. Which bring me out to the other point. I know Vhladd (Is that his name? Sorry fro the slaughter) made several environment changes to the maps. Perhaps he should put them all in a bundle and request that his individual files be removed. That way the number of files needed to be found are less and because there are several version of a map with a changed environment you would just have to say something like "Just get VHladd's bundle from the gr.net downloads."
  11. Same here. I just wish the main servers would not be so scared about losing players and put this mod in there. If BDA and XE and the other famous ones dared to take a hit on their player count for a week or something it could drive a lot of people to download the mod. But, alas... The two games I've played in TRR my enemy and I only killed each other once or so, because the maps were very large. Perhaps admins should realize that this mod does not have a lot of people using it for now put any map with _big or _medium out of rotation. Please please please
  12. Will it work the same way in did in [GR]? You would tag the hostage and it would follow a player? Or are you making it so that once a team finds it it runs through a preset route?
  13. NO TAGGING. If an enemy was not able to shoot me as I ran across the road they should not be able to see where I end up going, even if it only lasts five seconds!
  14. That's a great idea LIghtSpeed. When I saw the mammoth size of the mod you made I was very happy that I did not have to download each file separately.
  15. No respawns is killing the game mode in my opinion. It's hard enough to get a TRR going, but then you have to wait once you join the server? I can't give you any other comments because I tried playing for about half an hour but the SCE server kept giving me errors.
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