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  1. ARGH!!! I was about done with the M82 and the SPR and now to find out that you have been work'n the ENTIRE time on AA weapons TOO!? ughhhh. Is there any idea of mine that wont be stolen?
  2. Koo... as it is I'm 16 in a week and I have got no money so I'm tring to keep my parents re-embursement debt to a minimum ;-). I'm not really familiar with most of the parts but I do understand the basic consepts, I did a bit more for the Video card and I found more or less the FX 5950 is WAY outdated. I didn't see a "computer" dicussion forum so I just posted here.
  3. Well as it stands my computer just cant put out what it needs to anymore with the NEWER games that require the most advanced products. I have an idea for what I'm looking for but I just dont know where to get them... most of the electronic stores dont seem to have what I'm looking for, nor online. D-: As it is I've found some stuff but not really getting what I'm looking for. The list is small since I'm just gona sell some old stuff and buy new. Plan to sell: -AMD Athlon 32 bit 901 MHz -8Mb NVidia Vanta/Vanta TNT2 -768Mb DDR DIMM -Compaq CD-ROM CRD-8402B -Philips CDD4801 CD-R/RW -Compaq HID Media Keyboard > USB -Compaq crapy standard mouse > PS/2 Plan to purchase: -ASUS A8V Delux Motherboard -AMD 64 Athlon 3400+ -256Mb NVidia FX GeForce 5950 Ultra -1024Mb DDR2 SDRAM or DDR2 DIMM -LiteOn CD-ROM/RW & DVD-ROM combo -Logitech MX500 Optical mouse -Logitech Media Keyboard So far I've found a few things but I still need to find some missing componets that I have yet to find (. I am looking into a better cooling system since my only cooling fans are in the Power Supply and on the Heat Sink over the processor, its hot as my furnace ;-). I'm bafooned around water cooling systems so I could use help, other than that I just need some advice for the parts, this is my first time custom building/rebuilding a PC. ANY help at all would be most appreciated. I am reading up on how to give my case a new paint job ;-) or just buying a new one. For those that wonder I have a Compaq Presario 5000, everything is still factory made BUT the Harddrive. The original was a Quantum Fireball 30gig, it took one heck of a crap(deep fried then hit the incendiary machine ;-) ), its just a metal box with a twirling disk. I replaced it with a Seagate Barakuda 120gig. Other than that, I just need some advice. Thanks in advance.
  4. Chems left... he felt like he wasn't welcome so he left. He's is however on MSN but I am not allowed to disclose where, when or how.
  5. @Jay316 - I will not have the rail on the top, I dont have al my ducks in a row yet so I probabally wont get the chance to get it ingame till about two more weeks. Shcool is in and I'm leaveing saturday to visit family for a week. I should have them mostly completed once I get back. @Projectile - You realy plan on useing all those harmfull poly's in the game? Those models look as if you've got circular objects... or its just my eyes.
  6. @Jaxe... I may have a texture but i allways like new ideas.
  7. Dude... nice... I wish I knew how to re-create models and re-texture them. :of topic: Anybody know where to find a totourial?
  8. Thanks SC... P.S. The M82 is my FIRST model ever for modeling and the XM109 2nd and the NTW 20 third... but hey... I think I could give snow a run for his money ;-D. I do however am in need of a good texture for the NTW 20... I've allready go a texture for the XM109 and M82.
  9. Ok... so far I've got a few models finally in MAX up, here they are- 1716 poly M82A3 My verry own XM109 Payload rifle and the Mechem NTW 20 the NTW is allmost complete as far as the model goes... the new M82 and XM109 models are finished. So thats what I've got in store for the time ;-) I will have the the AMR mod(useing these three models) done hopefully by Christmas.
  10. Hey projectile... just got my HD re-formated so I should have MAX up shortly and could have my pics of my modles up soon. ;-)
  11. It says the competition is in 2002, thats past... is it still up for grabs... or is another competition comeing out for another map?
  12. nice lancer... verry nice... nice texture
  13. Hey Razor... could ya post the models of my XM109 Payload and the new M82 model please... I dont have MAX to show them in for ya.
  14. Just got to this thread... as it is I've got 2 mods in the works, BAMRM (Boris's Anti-Material Rifle Mod) and BM1 (Boris's Meltdown Mod 1.0) the BAMRM will be in the Meltdown mod but I thought of a better mod lately. Takeing real events that took place in 1993 Mogadisu, Somolia- Black Hawk Down Somolia (BHDS). A friend of mine is in the works of makeing the map while I've began the scripting. So far the only thing I need is a few taging instructions(useing Chems marvelous "Little Birds" models and textures(allready have permission to use) and a few characters to use... other than that... its all in the bag. The new mod/mission I hope to have done by March at the latest, with a family of 7 and school... I'm jugeling.
  15. Its called rush dilivery Bien GoGGG... snow and Lancer were rushed to get this mod out by polular DEMAND so they did... not really able to make things as best they could but it was a semi-slipshod job other than the wonderfull models by snow. The patch is a must get and a probabale POPULAR demand right now.
  16. Normally I would just use the tank round for my "AMR" projectile but I've decided to just make a "AMR" round to suit the people's best intrests. The only thing I need is someone to help me with makeing the projectile model... I 've got the Steyr IWS/AMR 2000 comeing into play soon as soon as I finish my Barrett modles of the M82A3 and the XM109 payload rifle... both are B E A UUU tifully done by me and are just about accurate to the real thing.. I'll ahve the models out for 3dSM5 in a littlewhile if anybody wants to toil with them. @Snowpilot... You can demo tanks and THICK armor... you just need the right projectile to do it. I hate the smoke effects of the AT4 so I use the Grenade Launcher command for the .gun file and the .prj file is a balistic...not a dumb missle... except for the RT-20 ... hehe So far the AMR list is as fallows for the BM1 mod Barrett M82 A2/3/4 whatever... hard remembering tags for the same weapon Barrett XM109 Payload NTW 20 RT 20 Steyr IWS/AMR 2000 more will be added as I can find them Textures for any of the weapons(some harder to make/find than others) would be great twards my continueing of my mod due to my lack of apps at the time... Also... A good model texture'r /cough/snow/cough/ (not really but get some rest buddy )could earn a small pay for his/her time in texture creating/ textureing of a weapon since my computer is currently haveing issues installing MAX5.
  17. That would be great... I could really use a sound but the sound will support the M82 HE rounds not the standard .50 cal so thats why I said useing the T72 sound. Catch me on MSN.
  18. OK... here it is... the BM1 mod is to have a loadout of Anti-Material Rifles so I need a good texture for the new Barrett M82 model that I am to comence shortly... its to have a full bipod and possibly a monopod on the stock complete with a full sized Muzzle Brake. I need a good texture to use and a new sound that will literally be a in your face type of BOOM every time you pull the trigger. So just a texture and a good sound would be handy... as it stands the old M82 texture just aint cutting it anymore... and the sounds I'm about to throw the IW_T72fire.wav as the sounds but I cant edit it properly to get the "In your face" type of sound so any help here would be hot. Thanks in advance for you help... credits are more than likely to be given in the mod. Boris >>>Sgt. Bash!
  19. So the question is IS it going to be released for PC and how much?
  20. One tiny speculation here... it looks like its ONLY going to be on PS2 and XBox... whats wrong with PC?
  21. I didn't mean the mod itself... I belive that the TYPE of mod was what I was refering too. I'm sorry about the stuff that was stolen( The Shrikes?) but you modle verry well. You dont need much practice mate... just need to rest so you can get better and use you ability to make (more) incredible things.
  22. Nice snow... verry nicely done. If I got bored like that, the DA49 mod of today would be in MY name.
  23. 1 word... "Nice". I love the idea with the nade launcher but it can get in the was sometimes... a really good person would figure out how to put the range finder on ALL the ADVANCED weapon reaticules to make them more future realistic.
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