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  1. http://raraavises.net/showthread.php?p=249491#post249491
  2. We run a GR sirvir on most saturdays, 1800 pacific until whenever. For more info http://raraavises.net/showthread.php?t=16486 Join =RAV= cent to get the IP Ventrilo comms.raraavises.net:4200
  3. Are there any still up? I reinstalled the game and want to kill some real people.
  4. We will need to following maps adapted for GRAW 2 Embassy Aurora Riverbed POW Day Docks Airbase Trainwreck Caves Refinery Polling Center Red Square Mountain Tank Traindepot Stronghold kthxbye
  5. Thats the problem, looks like they took some of the worst maps like the High Sierra and Vilnius and just ported them. IF you are gonna rehash old one why not the greats? Where are the truly great maps like Embassy, Aurora, Riverbed, POW, Day Docks, Airfield, Trainwreck, Caves, Refinery, Polling Center?
  6. lol noob, SP missions are easy, I think you need more skill
  7. 0740 AZ my file is unlocked. Had to log in to ubi to get my key but I have it.
  8. I got my preload ut no key yet and cant install. Anyone else get a key yet? When you get one post here and your time zone.
  9. I can see you have never actually shot one. Dots on a rifle should be in front of the receiver for all situations.
  10. Thats better than the last one CJ, keep up the good work.
  11. There are lots of places youc ant send the tank. Try various spots in the middle of the road.
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