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  1. I must say, Im excited. Really, I am.
  2. ######!!! Nice work so far bo, but i must say im not happy about havin' to wait for checkpoints. I mean, i dont really have tons of time on the computer at a time, and i dont want to have to restart the mission every time i have to get off and get back on. Quick saves dont make the game less realistic, its just convenient for people who have lives. And like i said, great work so far, keep up the good work, and cant wait to play the REAL GR sequal. Thanks for keepin' it real bo.
  3. well, a complete waste of a Q&A, but are all of em'. but im really lookin' forward to it; so siked about the command map. lookin' sweet!
  4. my friend, do not buy that game. i rented it, and i didn't even get past the first level it was so bad. its crap. its a budget game, just selling for $50. do yourself a favor and spend $50 elswhere, like on something that wont give you permanent brain damage from pure suck ass.
  5. Well, that cat might be in for a real suprise when i open up a good ol' can of WOOP ASS!!! But anyway, i know its too late but, i really think i'd be a good thing to be able to use weapons like AK, vz.58; just some of the weapons you could fine in GR:IT. Esspecialy since we get to use the iron sites.
  6. Ok, this Q has probably been posted already but, is there anywhere i can find the full list of PC weapons? Id love to know if there is anyway we'll be able to use enemy weapons. I know you cant pick up weapons mid-mission, but can you start of with them. It'd really be a cool thing to change things up. Again, this has probably been posted already, but im not really up to date. (Please dont kill me rocky/ZJJ for not searchin' the full forum.)
  7. i rented this horrible excuse for a game, and i didnt even get pase the first level its so bad. its a budget game sellin' for $50. bull-######. awful
  8. dude, i just rented the game last night. W.T.F! its like not even funny its so bad. but then again, look at the screenshots.
  9. WHAT DID I SAY! i knew this game was goin' to be ######. i knew it. some people on here acted like i was an ass just tryin' to rant and doom the game. look at the screenshots! they're down right awful. i havent played it, but i was going to rent it today. so far it doesnt really seem worth the trouble.
  10. thanks. i didn't see those for some reason
  11. boy, you shor are thmart mithter wite nite!
  12. ok, i dont have a 360, but i have an original xbox. i havent seen any reviews for GRAW xbox, and it is out, so i wanted to see if anyone has played it yet, and what are their thoughts?
  13. I DONT HAVE A 360!!! and now i want one. but i dont have the money. WHAAAAAAAAAAA.... WHAAAAAAAAAAA...
  14. you know what, cortana from halo should be the "sensual voice". OH YEAH...
  15. mm hmm, "mount the turret"(in sensual voice).
  16. ok, mabye SC:CT isn't a good example. how about Halo 2? that game looked damn good, and it had tons of stuff goin' on. im not sayin' Graw(xbox) doesn't look good, it does, but it could look better, and anything less than great is really just unexceptable. i mean, maybe im just a little off base, but i dont think it looks as good as GR2. sorry, im not seein' it.
  17. DAMNIT, i thought i was the first one to see it. it doesn't look as bad as the screenies, but its no SC:CT.
  18. i dont know if anyones seen it, but over at gametrailers.com and ign there's a developer diary video of the original xbox version. its the first footage ive seen on the original xbox. and it doesn't look so bad. maby i shoulda' started a topic about it, i dont know.
  19. ehh, i like the way the hud looks, but i agree with Poita, there should be plenty of options to hide some of what you want. esspecialy the cross-com, i like, want it, but also want to be able to turn it off. i just hope the cross-com isn't force, i hope it helps in combat situations, but is not necessary to complete objectives.
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