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  1. I must say, Im excited. Really, I am.
  2. ######!!! Nice work so far bo, but i must say im not happy about havin' to wait for checkpoints. I mean, i dont really have tons of time on the computer at a time, and i dont want to have to restart the mission every time i have to get off and get back on. Quick saves dont make the game less realistic, its just convenient for people who have lives. And like i said, great work so far, keep up the good work, and cant wait to play the REAL GR sequal. Thanks for keepin' it real bo.
  3. well, a complete waste of a Q&A, but are all of em'. but im really lookin' forward to it; so siked about the command map. lookin' sweet!
  4. my friend, do not buy that game. i rented it, and i didn't even get past the first level it was so bad. its crap. its a budget game, just selling for $50. do yourself a favor and spend $50 elswhere, like on something that wont give you permanent brain damage from pure suck ass.
  5. Well, that cat might be in for a real suprise when i open up a good ol' can of WOOP ASS!!! But anyway, i know its too late but, i really think i'd be a good thing to be able to use weapons like AK, vz.58; just some of the weapons you could fine in GR:IT. Esspecialy since we get to use the iron sites.
  6. Ok, this Q has probably been posted already but, is there anywhere i can find the full list of PC weapons? Id love to know if there is anyway we'll be able to use enemy weapons. I know you cant pick up weapons mid-mission, but can you start of with them. It'd really be a cool thing to change things up. Again, this has probably been posted already, but im not really up to date. (Please dont kill me rocky/ZJJ for not searchin' the full forum.)
  7. i rented this horrible excuse for a game, and i didnt even get pase the first level its so bad. its a budget game sellin' for $50. bull-######. awful
  8. dude, i just rented the game last night. W.T.F! its like not even funny its so bad. but then again, look at the screenshots.
  9. WHAT DID I SAY! i knew this game was goin' to be ######. i knew it. some people on here acted like i was an ass just tryin' to rant and doom the game. look at the screenshots! they're down right awful. i havent played it, but i was going to rent it today. so far it doesnt really seem worth the trouble.
  10. thanks. i didn't see those for some reason
  11. boy, you shor are thmart mithter wite nite!
  12. ok, i dont have a 360, but i have an original xbox. i havent seen any reviews for GRAW xbox, and it is out, so i wanted to see if anyone has played it yet, and what are their thoughts?
  13. I DONT HAVE A 360!!! and now i want one. but i dont have the money. WHAAAAAAAAAAA.... WHAAAAAAAAAAA...
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