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  1. H&D 1 is freeware so i downloaded it and its all in third person view
  2. Hope that over shoulder cam is only in the Gay-Box version
  3. I dont like the socom or OICW/GL cos they are too easy to use i like the m4 cos of its full auto optoin that u cant get with m16
  4. hi All I am a ghost recon player from way back but a while ago i uninstalled GR to make room for my shiny new RvS on my 13GB HDD. after a while i got a new hard drive and a few other things including a graphics card. and now a few days ago i re-installed GR and played a campaign, once i finnished the first level and went back to the menu screen the graphics went all fuzzy and sort of all over the place (hard to discribe) I thaught, "hmm, thats a bit gay.." So i installed IT and patches. But it still does it. Im running a 9600 se ATI card, could it be a compatability problem?
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