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  1. How the hell do you get them to do what ya want? I tired every damn button there is, i see the commands there, but they dont do anything.
  2. Hi all, does anyone know any Server companys that will be renting GRAW servers? My team currently plays COD2, and we're switching over, unfortunatley our host does'nt plan on supporting GRAW. US based servers only please. Any info would be helpfull
  3. Well, from much past experience with PB, I can assure you it works. What info does it show to the server/players/host? Well for one, if it detects you hacking, it will "KICK" you and that kick and the reason are displyed on the screen for all to see. If the server is streaming to the MBL (Master ban list), that kick will go to all servers running the Auto-MBL tool from Punksbusted, and he will be prevented from joining other servers. PunkBuster now also bans hardware guid's. not just the guid from your CD. So, if you get caught by PB, it might ban yopur motherboard or your hard drive, or your graphics card lol. It woks well in many other games.
  4. If not, forget it, wont waste my $$$$$.
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