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  1. Hey all, just thought u might want to see this.... TOML dev team recently received a comment through our website. It's the personal opinon, and I respect that. I dont respect the way in which they trashed our mod or the weapon modder using foul language.... take a look I'll let u be the judge
  2. No, you dont edit the .qob files. The .qob files use a .rsb file for texture just like all the other models in GR. u have to change the .rsb file that the .qob file uses.
  3. pretty sure there's a way......not sure...
  4. OOOOH PURRTY!!! I would love a version for some ACOG and aimpoint scopes......that'd be soooo lovely with TOML..... hehe excellent work!!!
  5. Thx!!! If we could just get some good mission scripting going....
  6. 2 new screenshots added!!! check out http://toml.ghostaholic.com/?c=screens !!!!!
  7. hey all, can anyone make a firing range map? i think itd be a good thing for training and fun. the training map is ok, but not what im really after. more like a dozen stalls with targets at different distances.
  8. Hey all, just an update... - ROE/Fire indicators restored.... - New characters ready for action... - Still need to get my stupid chopper to stop spinning out of control!!!!! silly IGOR.... - Setup file now hosted with 3dretreat.com as well as Lexsis.net Let us now anything u'd like to see fixed or improved by contacting us via http://toml.ghostaholic.com
  9. Hey Prozac, got any old M4 models still lying around in .max?
  10. GOOD NEWS!!!!!! One step closer to fixing that ACOG!!! Check it out!!! http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v405/rab...ScreenShot0.jpg Can anyone do good weapon camoing?
  11. Thx Jack! Fixing those pesky ROE/Fire indicators as i DL...
  12. Hey, i was looking at igor and loosing my focus and thinking if they can make a map viewer in igor, couldnt a program be made to view character models and stuff? i think that would be exceptionally helpful in mods/mod making...... im no programmer (besides occasional web stuff ) so im here with the doofy ignorant perspective. anyone got a clue about it? thx
  13. Ok, try a clean install of GR. then a clean install of DS then a clean install of IT. Start up GR, activate both mods, then exit. Start up Igor, give it time to load. After that, im clueless! haha
  14. YES! haha of course i do! They're gonna go with my new characters when i finish them lol To be released with 1.0!
  15. Haha, whoopsy! Ok, -we knew about the messy ACOG, looking for a replacement gun -"Sunny" goes to "Night" or w/e -and ill take a look at the clear enemies objective -Installer will give user the option of where to put it -ROE/Fire Indicators will return What else needs to be fixed/improved?
  16. Thanks! I'm already planning some improvements, please send any comments/opinions/concerns to us using our contact form on the site. http://toml.ghostaholic.com head to "Contact". Get a good screenshot from the mod? Send us the URL vai our contact form and we'll post the best ones on our site. Thanks again all! http://toml.ghostaholic.com
  17. Anybody have an alternate solution? If you want me to host it elsewhere, tell me where and how i can plz
  18. http://toml.ghostaholic.com Head to the FILES section Enabled firewalls will probably cause downloading errors! Disable right before you download, then enable after you start downloading.
  19. Hey Chems, why u showing my wife around like that? Looking forward to SST, I'm a huge fan! MP should be a blast!
  20. thx oso... ah, looks like i might start experimenting with igor....... haha, who knows...
  21. hey, does anyone know if the d07 roadblock map from DS could pass for afghanistan or could be fixed to look like afghanistan? ive not been there, so of course i have no idea thx
  22. try the POW characters. Theyre blank, but there sleeves are rolled.
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