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  1. Well, everyone I'm afraid with basically no scripters.....TOML is going to have VERY few missions......
  2. Hey all you capable mission scripters! TOML needs you!!! We need to get quality missions made, in desert, forest, and jungle operations. You've played the beta, let's get this thing to 1.0 faster!!! You can use GR/IT/DS maps, just let us know where it would be in the real world, and during what conflict. Helicopter insertion/extraction, with moderate use of cinematics Preparation for non-SP, non-coop missions Here's the pararescue mission:
  3. EO released his daylight version, or am i wrong? TOML isnt gonna have the daylight version, unless someone is an AWESOME scripter and can somehow outdo GR Modder*AFZ*, which will be VERY hard. EO, told u theyd be drooling.... The bear has struck again!!!!
  4. @ Chems, Swartz and Snowfella: WOWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! U guys wouldnt happen to wanna beef up TOML 1.0 would u? @ Cobra and Whisper: WoWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Looking great!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. The cap uses the marine rifleman body, make sure u either change that or hex it to use a different texture.
  6. should be something like attachments_Cuba....etc.etc in the attachment folder
  7. Perhaps you are right....Maybe we'll find him eating rat guts with Osama over in some Parisian 1/2 star hotel....They will both click the link....
  8. thanks all, i got more of a kick out of this thing than most would, so i was trying more not to laugh than not to curse his wretched name. My reply to him was never receieved; as i thought, it was a fake email. So somewhere out there, this bonehead is still patrolling, looking for people to curse and more ways to make an idiot out of himself
  9. May be....but check this out: http://www.ustacticalsupply.com/otherpacks.shtml U think u can do any of those? besides the computer one... Thx
  10. what u mean i scripted it? when i tried a trigger plan, i said assign insertion plan to insertion BH and execute. when i put it under the BH i didnt script anything
  11. Yep! Straight path, altitude is applied, all the basic stuff
  12. its a simple insertion path... go here, at this speed, drop alt, unload, etc...etc.... it just doesnt do anything besides go around in circles
  13. Cobaka, you up for some hard modeling/skinning? Backpacks?
  14. I had me a good laugh when i read his comments......some ppl.....
  15. Hey all, This is the second time I've messed around in IGOR, the first time i actually got my chopper to work right, but now I forgot what I had to do to make the stupid thing from flying out of control. I've tried assigning the plan to the BH, puttin the plan right on the BH, etc...etc..... Any clues?
  16. Roger that Rocky.... Thanks spot, Oso and GR Modder*AFZ* did a great job
  17. Hehe, sure, if u can do backpacks!!! Ill be on later to specify which ones if u can.... thx again....lol
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