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  1. ok [GRT1]Kpl.Eli, pm'd him....have to wait and see if he can help....anyone else?
  2. Hey all, well, I'm pretty much ready to make TOML 1.0 without any weapon modifications....We just cant seem to get the stuff we need. Does anybody have the following parts that might even let another modder compile, or is kind enough to compile for us? -M4 SOPMOD Body (No carrying handle) -ACOG 4x Scope -ACOG Reflex -M68 Aimpoint -M203 -AN/PEQ-2 We've come pretty long way, but the weapons are killing this baby. Chems already donated stuff to Tmichc, but he ended up not being able to do anything for us, as real life cometh first, and now we're basically stuck. I didnt wanna put some weapons that arent true to the USAF Pararescuemen in the mod, so basically, we're stuck. If anyone can help us out, plz, plz, plz let us know. Thank you all!
  3. Magical butterflies that urinate rainbow-colored pixie dust. They always do the trick.
  4. Hey all! I'm looking to start a new clan, The Flying Hellcats based around US Air Force ranks and structure. Anyone interested in joining? PM me if u are.
  5. i can also make u all new team actor files, can keep the ethnicity and names same as in original actors. i made a neat little script i run on my pc that i can customize easily.
  6. Ahhh....the dream gun eh? For me, I'd say LR300 http://www.prime-airsoft.com/IMG/LR300/540_LR300.JPG with Aimpoint scope, air taser on the bottom, Laser sight, and a cool blue flashlight that looks sweet going through scope (purely to look cool)
  7. crap, i cant do that...lol..i havent even done this one! haha, but it would be cool though
  8. Ok, biff and richmondskin, I've PM'd u two. Anyone else? Can anyone else make campaigns?
  9. Thx This is why we need to be able to use custom animations......could make this guy do some good old D&C for fun!
  10. dont know if u guys want this but here it is http://www.3dheaven.net/models_plants.htm was surfin again....gotta love wireless.....
  11. check this out: http://www.3dheaven.net/models_military.htm http://www.3dheaven.net/models_aircraft.htm dont know if u guys want to/can use any of that, just thought it was neat.
  12. Can anyone help me with the marine-style collar?
  13. Got some more shots.... http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v405/rab...rine-shot-4.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v405/rab...rine-shot-3.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v405/rab...rine-shot-2.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v405/rab...rine-shot-1.jpg I need help with the collar and the hat
  14. Roger That, Over. U Gotta find someone that can make the model!!! lol, im no modeler Jay... But im giving it a shot, lets see what i can do
  15. Sry dude, but climbing up the trees is not very realistic, a terribly bad place to snipe from.
  16. Here's what i've got so far messin around in PS... http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v405/rab...arine_dress.jpg Should i continue to improve it?
  17. Hmmm....that would be neat....off to experiment...
  18. could u make another plan and say if the players shoot at the enemy that u assign the enemy that plan (for cover)? im no scripter, just wondering
  19. Ooooooh!!! Mommy, look at the purrty colors! Awesome work!!!!!
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